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Funding the arts is EXACTLY the type of activity the government SHOULD be doing, on a national, state and local level! It is a small investment that brings together communities, and allows us to experience music, theater, dance, sculpture, and other art and cultural forms we would never be a part of otherwise. It is an investment in ourselves.

And arts education in schools is ESSENTIAL to the development of America's youth: they will do better in academic activities (including math and science), they will develop creativity and expression of emotions (expression that doesn't involve hurting other students), they were learn to think critically, they will learn to share thoughts and opinions in a non-violent but very powerful way, they will value their own culture and heritage, and they were learn to appreciate other peoples' artistic expressions.


Music-In-Schools Resources
A web site for educators and others to learn about music-in-schools resources and how music-in-schools programs have a positive effect on academics. Includes links to curriculum resources, web sites that answer the question "Why is Music In Schools Important?", and links to organizations that support music-in-schools programs.

The National Endowment for the Arts
The NEA serves the public good by nurturing the expression of human creativity, supporting the cultivation of community spirit, and fostering the recognition and appreciation of the excellence and diversity of our nation's artistic accomplishments. Whether funding a traditional local community symphony, an innovative, experimental theater, or the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. (yup, that's right!), the NEA is an essential agency, one we should all urge our legislators to support.


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