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Author's note : In 2000, women doctors, lawyers, shop managers, and university students in Afghanistan were prevented from holding occupations of ANY kind, and all women were prevented from receiving ALL health care. That's what happens when religious extremists take over a country -- no matter what their relgion. Couldn't happen in the U.S.? After reading and hearing statements by Christian fundamentalists, I'm not so sure... learn how you can fight the religous right.

And below are my favorite resoruces regarding reproduction and civil rights:

"Mommy, what's Saddlebacking?

Fight The Taliban

Before the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, women in Kabul made up 40 percent of all doctors there, 70 percent of all teachers there and 50 percent of all civil servants. There were also many thousands of female university students. Women helped their husbands, fathers and brothers in small businesses as well. Now, the Taliban has ruled that women must be prevented from ALL occupations and education whatsoever. Women are now even banned from receiving healthcare. The Taliban represent a modern and extreme version of Islam that was historically unknown in Afghanistan. Because of the Taliban's oppressive, murderous regime and its treatment of women, Amnesty International declared the entire female population of Afghanistan prisoners of conscience, well before the USA invasion of the country. One fourth of Afghan children in the country or in refugee camps do not survive their fifth birthday. Literacy rates are barely above 4% for women. Afghanistan has the lowest UN gender development ranking in the world. Even with the Taliban largely defeated, their cultural legacy lives on, keeping women and girls out of school, the workplace, and hospitals.

Please donate to any organization working in Afghanistan to improve the status and health of women.


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