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If you've gone this far in this Web site, you either have no life or your're stalking me.

These are the Web sites I visit or organizations I support, but they don't fit into any other category on my Web site:
    Black Box Voting .ORG
    A site that should be required daily reading for anyone involved in the supervision of elections in the USA. If you think the USA has fair elections, think again.

    Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE)
    (that's football as in "soccer") "Football is the biggest sport in the world and belongs to us all. It should be the right of every person to play, watch and discuss freely, without fear." FARE fights racism and xenophobia "in the stadium, on the pitch, in the changing room, at the training ground, in the office and classroom; by fans, players, managers, coaches, administrators or educators... Through co-ordinated action and common effort, at local and national level, we will bring together all those interested in combating discrimination in football."

    Parents Anonymous
    Seeks to prevent child abuse by offering programs where parents, children, and youth learn new behaviors and create positive change in their lives.

    the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) and the National Council for Languages and International Studies (NCLIS)
    "Language and international education are clearly in the public and national interest. Knowledge of other languages increases intellectual abilities and provides a window of understanding to other customs and cultures. Although once considered basic educational priorities, language education and international studies lack adequate support and recognition as essential components of today's school curriculum. Only with language competence can Americans hope to conduct effective trade policy, expand international trade, ensure the integrity of national defense, enhance international communication, and develop a truly broad-based education for all citizens."

    Complete Works of William Shakespeare
    Includes all of his comedies, histories, tragedies and poetry; a search function for the complete works; a discussion area; an index of other Shakespeare resources on the Internet; frequently asked questions; and Bartlett's familiar Shakespearean quotations.

    A once-a-day highlight about the web. How many people found out about Mahir.

    Virtual simulator of a burger flipper's day
    How did people get so clever? How can we get the designers of sites such as this as online volunteers?

    Sister Wendy's American Collection
    Sister Wendy is a Reverend Mother and scholar of English who began studying art during her stay with the Carmelite nuns of Quindenham, Norfolk. She now has a popular television and book series in which she shares her "signature blend of intellect, reverence, and admiration for great works of art." Her latest project explores American museum collections. The Website furnishes color images of the works accompanied by Sister Wendy's equally colorful commentary (you have never heard anything until you've heard Sister Wendy describe the differences in breast perkiness of women in artworks), background on the artists, plus a guide to the six museums featured.

    Consumer Information Center
    pueblo.gsa.gov Complete online versions of hundreds of the best federal consumer publications available. This is one of my favorite Web sites -- everything from how to write a will to how to start a small business to how to find a job to how to find resources for children with learning disabilities... you name it, it's here. No need to write Pueblo, Colorado -- it's all online!! Your tax dollars at work -- and it's a great use of those dollars.

    What If the Producers of "Cops" Followed the Storm Troopers from Star Wars Around?


    Scully and Mulder in an X gossamer.x-philes
    Do you have NO life? Do you have hours and hours and hours to fill in your day when you aren't watching Moose and Squirrel? Well, if so, you pathetic person, gossamer is for you. If you find it just too completely overwhelming, however, try the Award-Winning Stories and/or the X-Files Fanfic Primer from those wacky Primal Screamers. And if you still have time on your hands, or, if fanfic ain't your thang, read Autumn Tysko's hilarious, insightful show reviews, or E! Online X-Files pages, or Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE).

    My movie bookmarks

    True Tales of Induhviduals
    Feed your sense of intellectual superiority by reading how dumb other people are. It's a guilty pleasure, but pleasure nonetheless.

    Fun with dialects
    Fabulous time-wasting activity.

    Leonard Pitts says what I'm thinking but can't seem to verbalize as well.

    A network of used booksellers all connected to a central search engine where you can look for rare or hard-to-find books.

    Another online comparison-shopping mechanism for used bookstores.

    A network that brings together tons and tons of different webcams all over the world, so you can search for the type of cam you want to see (animals, people, pretty scenery, etc.).

    It's hard to tell the difference between "serious" Christian Web sites that are seriously demented, and not-so-serious Christian-focused Web sites that are seriously hilarious. See The List by Oddities, Inc., an organization founded by two guys who were expelled from Jerry Falwell's Liberty University once upon a time, and in charge of the infamous Landover Baptist Church site.

    Calculate the cost of living
    Online tool will help you compare just about any regions of the world.

    Two great history sites I reference often:

    A Brief History of Banned Music in the United States
    by eric nuzum, this is a selective on-line chronicle of popular music that has been censored, banned, suppressed, or altered against the wishes of its creators.

    Each Fall (end of September or beginning of October), the American Library Association (ALA) sponsors Banned Books Week, to highlight the First Amendment's guarantee of the right to read all books, including banned and challenged works. The ALA, along with The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression and the Association of American Publishers, observe this week in awareness of the thousands of attempts to ban books. Their Web site explains the need for such an observance, along with highlighting famously and lesser-known banned and challenged books. The site discusses intellectual freedom, censorship motives and tactics and notable First Amendment cases. To surf the texts of suppressed literature, there is Banned Books On-Line.

    Keirsey Temperament Web Site
    If you've ever gone on a staff retreat, you've probably encountered a version of this test, which tells you what kind of temperament you have. If you manage a staff, understanding different temperaments than your own can help you be an effective supervisor that your staff appreciates too. Another Keirsey Temperament site:
    http://sunsite.unc.edu/personality/. For even more such tests: http://www.onlinepsych.com/public/Mind_Games/

    Ever wonder what words and phrases the letters of your name spell? Find out via http://www.wordsmith.org/anagram/index.html, a totally addictive Web site! Be sure to check out the site's "Hall of Fame".

    Burros are great animals. Find out why at

    Painter Hall Observatory, University of Texas at Austin.
    The Astronomy Department operates a nine-inch refractor on top of Painter Hall, the old Physics Building on 24th street. The entrance, however, is on the Tower Side of the building. You go in, there's no signs at all. The stairs are right in front of you. Go all the way to the top, then go right in the hall way, all the way down (and if the door is closed at the end of the hall, just open it), then up the very narrow steps. You can't miss it.

    "A typical night will include a planet or two, binary stars, star clusters and maybe one of the brighter nebulae." And if the grad student working the observatory is board, he'll let you play with the stuff in there. It's all VERY old. Antique. It's way cool -- as cool as what you see through the old telescope, IMO.

    "Painter Hall was originally just referred to as the "Physics Building" when it was completed in 1932. It was constructed at a cost of $15,000. The telescope and dome were installed at the time of construction and has been available to students and the public ever since. The nine-inch lens was ground by John A. Brashear, one of the world's best lens-makers of the time. The equatorial mount was constructed by the Warner and Swasey company of Cleveland."

    Scientology and the Internet
    I've read reports in the newspaper about this conflict, but never really understood it. This page, and the pages to which it links, give good background on this ongoing battle, and lets the reader decide who's offbase regarding privacy, free speech and the Internet.

    The Conservatism FAQ
    WHY do I have this on MY Web site (being the raging liberal that I am)? Because, I don't think people who today claim to be conservatives are really conservatives, and I think this FAQ shows why. Plus, while the FAQs definition of liberalism, both in philosophy and practice, are incorrect, it's a perfect example of what a poor job we liberals do at promoting our "cause." This FAQ deals with common questions and objections regarding traditionalist American conservatism, and touches on others as well. The current version of this FAQ can also be obtained by sending the message "send usenet/news.answers/conservatism/faq" by e-mail to
    mail- server@rtfm.mit.edu. Further discussion and relevant links can be found on the Traditionalist Conservatism Page at http://www.panix.com/~jk/trad.html. No, I'm still a liberal, but if conservatives were as rational and well-spoken as these Web sites, I'd deal with them a lot better.



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