The Search for a Non-Partisan Group
Supporting Peace in the Middle East

I would love to support an non-partisan organization that is truly working for a just and permanent peace in Israel and Palestine.

But I can't find one.

Every time I look for such, I find are groups that may be doing good work, but who also have positions among their overall platform that I find distasteful and cannot support. How can I support a group that calls for peace and also supports settlements in Gaza and the West Bank? Or, how can I support a group that provides critical health care and education services but also has members who deny the Holocaust of Jews in WWII and promotes grotesque lies about Jews?

So, here I am, searching for a group to support. One with members that:

I'll keep looking. If you have any suggestions, please let me know (tell me the complete name and URL of the organization, so that I may check them out for myself).


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