Kentucky: The United State of Basketball

I still love University of Kentucky men's basketball. But...
I think that college basketball has lost so much of what made it special, even at Kentucky.

To see what I mean, read this from Blue Yonder -- Kentucky: The United State of Basketball
By Lonnie Wheeler
I wish this would get read to every member of the team at the beginning of every season:

"Mark Pope had a great career at Kentucky, he's probably going to be in the NBA,
and he's not a deer; he doesn't leap out of the gym. And (Jared) Prickett. And (Scott) Padgett.
Kentucky has had success with players like them in this system. Kids who just worked hard.
They said that (Richie) Farmer and (John) Pelphrey and (Deron) Feldhaus were overachievers;
well, I don't know if what they did was overachieving, but if that's what you call it,
you overachieve when you're playing with sincerity. And Smith should realize this, because
he was there when Farmer and Pelphrey and Feldhaus were there. He saw what happens when you put
that jersey over your head and you've got that Kentucky across the chest."

I miss the consistent hard workers who played with heart, and were in-the-moment, not thinking about a shoe deal someday.

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