the Bible is indecent!

In honor of the Telecommunications act, which bans indecent material on the World Wide Web in the United States (so far, that part of the act has been held as unconsitutional), in honor of the Christian Coalition, whose membership works hard to "protect" us from indecent material and to judge who is a Christian and who is not, and in honor of those who tell us that we must take the WHOLE Bible and we must take it LITERALLY, I've prepared this page. By directing you to indecent pages of the Bible, I am now in violation of federal law and making all of the aforementioned angry and or very confused. Wahoo!!

The standard of "indecency" pays little attention to context -- whether a description of sexual functions, homosexuality, incest, rape, urination, or nudity is in a pornographic novel, a medical dictionary, an academic treatise, a work of art, or the Bible, makes little difference.

Taken literally, the Bible justifies slavery, gang rape, incest, and the subjugation of women, among other none-too-pretty things. It well meets the standard of "indecency" as applied by a growing number of school boards and Chritian Fundamentalists working to ban books and TV shows.

Plus, just which Bible is it that we are supposed to take literally? Every version/translation of the Bible is different in fundamental ways, and it would be impossible to follow all of them "literally"! And why are some parts of the Bible taken literally by fundamentalists, while others are not?

These sites quote many of the Bible's "indecent" passages, and offer scenerios on just how difficult it would be to take the Bible literally.


Read the King James Version of the Bible (the one Jesus used, right?), searchable by key words and phrases

Actually, the aforementioned isn't the "whole" Bible -- in 400 A.D. there was 28 gospels in the Christian bible. So, what happened to the rest of the Bible? What do these other books of the Bible say? See: The Whole Bible: Analysis of the Canonical and Apocryphal New Testament Scriptures. If you would like to see why these books were dropped, and how the New Testament as known today came into being, see A Brief History of the New Testament.

For more about the misuse of the Christian religion, as a tool of oppression, see The Dark Side of Christian History
- Chapter 8: The Witch Hunts

For a list of "serious" Christian Web sites that are seriously demented, and a list of not-so-serious Christian-focused Web sites that are seriously hilarious, see The List by Oddities, Inc., an organization founded by two guys who were expelled from Jerry Falwell's Liberty University once upon a time.

Want to fight religious extremists? Want to find Christian societies, Christian-based communities or Christian-inclusive associations that are much more concerned with living the true fundamentals of the teachings of Christ rather than trying to keep your kids from reading Harry Potter? I have these resources for you.



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