Why I Am Supporting Barack Obama
to be President of the USA

August 2008
   Vote Obama
I am supporting Barack Obama for President of the USA because: No, I'm not crazy about Obama's vote to restrict late-term abortions or his support of the bankruptcy bill pushed by banks. But McCain supported those as well, so McCain is certainly no alternative on those issues. I'm also not crazy about how immersed in Christianity Obama is; I'm an atheist, and believe passionately in the secular state that our country's forefather's envisioned, where there is a thick, tall wall between religion and state. I want Obama to remember that not everyone in the USA is a Christian; he seems to forget that at times.

I waffled back and forth during the primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I hadn't intended on supporting Hillary, because of her lackluster performance as a Senator, her rare opposition to Bush before she started running for President, and her support of the invasion of Iraq, but I was so outraged at the sexist insults Rev. Wright and other Obama supporters said about her, and how she was characterized and criticized in the press based solely on her being a female candidate (rather than, oh, say, her record), that I found myself doing so.

But Hillary lost. She's out. And neither Howard Dean nor Al Gore are running (they'll always be my first choice). So I now support Barack Obama for President of the USA, for all the reasons I've stated. He has my vote.

If you want four more years of George Bush, by all means, go with McCain.

(and would you freakin' get OVER that Obama's middle name is Hussein?! Yes, that's Arabic. It means "Good Boy" or "Good Looking Boy" or "Handsome Boy." His first name, Barack, is a form of the Hebrew name Baruch. Yeah Hebrew. You know - Jewish?)


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