Networking With Others

You can use an online profile/account that you ALREADY have, via Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID, to join the network you see below and post messages on this web page. No need to create yet another online profile in order to participate!

This page is an online conversation, and everyone can read what you post below (unless I delete it -- and I will delete inappropriate posts). Use this board to:
(1) tell my network about something YOU are doing/have done
(2) start a conversation about something I am doing/have done

Encourage the network to subscribe to your email newsletter or blog, announce an event or service or publication or class, invite others to collaborate with you on a project, ask a question of the network, comment on something you've read on my web site or my blog or a recent presentation I've made or what I said over a Guinness, and on and on.

To give an opinion just to me, to ask me a question, or to request specific information of me, please contact me directly via email, rather than posting here.

I've suspended my use of Google Friend Connect. I loved the idea of it, and tried to make it work for most of 2009 (starting in February), but the problem with it is that there seems to be no way to set up an RSS feed for new messages, nor a way to receive email updates when a new message is posted. If Google Friend Connect changes that flaw, I'll try again. But until further notice, if you want to engage with me and my friends/colleagues/followers, in a public way, please see this list of all of my online activities.

This page and its features are currently being beta-tested.

Disclaimer: No guarantee of accuracy or suitability is made by any poster/distributor on this page. This material is provided as is, with no expressed or implied warranty.

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