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This section of my web site offers a range of advice and examples regarding community (public, media, volunteer, donors, government, partner, etc.) relations / engagement, both with and without computer and networking technology. Communications is my first love! (professionally-speaking)

The advice is focused on nonprofit, NGO and government staff (paid employees and volunteer) who aren't the most tech-savvy people in the world, and who don't have intensive training in public or media relations or using tech-related tools but are expected to master these activities as part of their jobs.

This section of my web site is also focused on those who need to think about and explore emerging technologies as part of their outreach efforts, but who need advice written in very human, accessible, low-tech language.


  • Basic Press Outreach for Not-for-Profit and Public Sector Organizations
    Like fund raising, press relations is an ongoing cultivation process. Your agency strategy for press coverage needs to go beyond trying to land one big story -- you want the press to know that you are THE agency to contact whenever they are doing a story on a subject that relates to your mission. These are basic, low-cost/no cost things you can do to generate positive attention from the media.

  • Daily, Mandatory, Minimal Tasks for Nonprofits on Facebook & Twitter
    There are a lot of nonprofits using Facebook and Twitter just to post to press releases. And if that's how your nonprofit, NGO or government agency is using social media, then your organization is missing out on most of the benefits you could gain from such. Facebook, Twitter and other social media are all about engagement. Social media is NOT one-way communication; you want people and organizations to read your information, but you also want them to respond to it. And they want YOU to respond to what THEY are saying. I broke these must-do tasks down into the most simple, basic list as possible - these tasks take minutes, not hours, a day

  • How Mission-Based Organizations REALLY Use Online Technologies
    Every nonprofit, NGO, or other mission-based organization has two primary resources: people and their ideas. What the Internet offers is an easy, immediate, extremely efficient way to connect with people and ideas. However, visions of becoming a super-efficient organization, reaching lots of new donors and clients, raising enormous amounts of new money and effortlessly administering an agency will not come to pass with an Internet account. Here's real-life examples of what agencies are using the Internet for, and links to other resources offering even more advice and examples. Includes information about online solicitations and fund raising.

  • Outreach Via the Internet for Mission-Based Organizations
    It's more than just putting up a Web site; it involves finding and posting to appropriate Internet discussion groups, sending emails to current and potential customers, using online social networking, perhaps even starting your own online community.... it's pro-active, interactive and ongoing. It needs to be nurtured and fully supported, just as with all your public interactions. Online outreach and online service delivery should accurately reflect your agency's mission and culture.


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