Child Labor

Our guides insisted on taking us to a so-called "Carpet School." I knew this and all the others along the road were sweat shops.
The guides get a cut of anything that gets sold to their charges, which is why they strongly encourage you to go to a particular one.
Outside the "school" we went to, the grounds look opulent, and inside, everything is clean, well-lit, and cool (though not air conditioned).
The implication is that it's a fantastic place for these kids to "learn" a trade. But I knew, as I stood there, that I wasn't seeing
the even worse "classroom" elsewhere in the building where these kids usually were. And there's no way the few kids in this room
made all the carpets upstairs in the air-conditioned, vast showroom. I did some research and found comments on the U.S. Department Labor web site that give you the real scoop.
Regardless, these children are beautiful. Note guy in the back making sure I won't give the kids money (because then they won't show up for work).

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