May 2002

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Dorky American Tourists in Cairo
Oh, wait, that's ME!

Khan el-Kalili
The legendary merchant quarter of Cairo

The Other Sphinx
This is near Memphis, and is the second largest Sphinx in Egypt.

Child Labor
Our guides insisted this is a "Carpet School."

More Child Labor
As well as a contrast between the old and the modern.

Us on a Camel
Obligatory tourist picture while in Giza.

On an epic journey
I still can't believe this is me, that I was here.

What?! That's it?! Yes, that's it; most of you saw these when I was home in Texas and Kentucky recently, plus I would rather not go over the allocated space on my web server. There's lots more pictures, but these look best on the web.

Read the essay that goes with these pictures.

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