Kidnapping nearby
August 18, 2007

We're all freaking out here on Darulaman Road, per armed men abducting a German woman from a restaurant nearby a few hours ago. First reports said it was at the French Bakery, and I almost lost it -- I go there twice a week. But it's turned out to be a place I've never been to.

Gunda has fielded a few calls from friends who know she's nearby, to make sure it wasn't her.

Reports say armed men pulled up next to a barbecue and fast food restaurant about 1 p.m. (while I was a few blocks away at another restaurant, eating a hamburger), and one of the men went inside and ordered a pizza. The man then pulled out a pistol, walked up to a table where the woman was sitting with her boyfriend, and took her from the restaurant. The boyfriend was not kidnapped. Police opened fire on the getaway vehicle and accidently killed a taxi driver.

The restaurant where I was just employed armed guards about a week ago. They had never had them before, in an effort to keep a low profile. But as kidnap threats have been surfacing more and more frequently...

U.N. staff and other internationals were on lock down for the next few hours, and weren't allowed to go anywhere (except for the boss's girlfriend, who, ofcourse, was still given a car and driver in order to leave early).

We just got word that we get to go to our guest houses via convoy in a few minutes, and we aren't to leave (no restaurants).



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