Afghanistan Postscript
August 22, 2007

So, I made it home. Just as we pulled into Sinzig, the fireworks for a city celebration started, and Stefan said, "See what I arranged for your homecoming?" It was so nice to hear "friendly" explosions. Albi was very happy to see me, and very happy to go on a long walk this morning.

After I posted my last Kabul blog, the Afghan women that I work with came to my office. I had written them a goodbye note and asked Fariba to translate it into Dari and read it to them over lunch on Saturday. In the note, I had told them that I believe they are powerful, that they can do anything, and that I believe they and women like them are the hope of Afghanistan. So there they all stood, with a small heart-shaped red box, and they chided me for waiting until I had almost left to tell them I was going. I felt a little bad about that... but I really didn't want a big fuss. I opened the box, and there was a beautiful silver and lapis set of matching earrings, a bracelet, a neckless and a ring. I started to cry. It is an expensive and very thoughtful gift (the lapis of Afghanistan is beautiful). I went around hugging each of the women, who were all also crying. I hugged one young woman, and as I pulled away she said, "Don't go." It just made me cry harder.

I may not be in love with Afghanistan... but I shall always feel an obligation to it, no question. Especially the women.

I'll be posting some final photos by the end of today.

Okay, really, last blog for a long while.


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