Pashto Porno Party
March 27, 2007

Write me. Please write me. Tell me what's happening in your life, what you had for breakfast, what good movie you last saw, what last made you laugh, how crazy the drivers are where you live, what your dog or cat or whatever is up to, if you've broken down at last and become a Buffy fan... I need to read some friendly, Western, non-Afghanistan-related things. And as much as contributes to maintaining my sanity here (when the Internet is working), I'd like to read something from someone I know. True, it may take a few days for me to get your email, but I'll be oh-so-happy when I do!!

IM me as well. My IM address is on Yahoo - but now Yahoo's got a cross-platform functionality with MS Messenger, so you can IM me via that as well. I'm really missing you all a lot lately...

If you want to know what time it is here: World Clock. I'm on IM every moment I'm on the Internet, whenever there is Internet...

Don't ask how, but my office mate got hold of Pashto p*rn movies (I'm munging that name in case your spam filter is really strict), and will soon be having a Pashto P*rn Party. The movies are, supposedly, REALLY short, the women are REALLY fat, they wear tights and halter tops, they dance around, do lots of squatting, and then perform s*x acts on men. But there's no female nud*ty because, well, that would be DISGUSTING!! No, I have NOT seen any, and I don't want to.

Um.... Rhonda, when you share this with Mamaw, I think maybe you should delete that previous paragraph... but leave it in for Gran Dad (ha ha).

"Farr Reent" and "Weeding Store." These are but two of the many signs I've seen providing examples of the excellent command of English here in Afghanistan. Though, to be fair, what a screwed up spelling system English has. Unlike German or Spanish, English seems to be making up its spelling rules as it goes along. Sorry I haven't been able to get photos of them. Nor of my favorite coffee shop sign - it's a large sign with a photo of an old guy in traditional Afghan dress, including head dress, holding a glass cup of coffee aloft, and the expression on his face is supposed to say, "Wow, this is a great cup of coffee," but what it looks like is, "Oh, Allah, someone pee'd in this!"

My office mate/savior is leaving me for THREE WEEKS. How can she do this to me?! I'm terrified, ofcourse. I still don't know all the acronyms they use here in this program. I still have a million questions about general life in Afghanistan. Who will tell me? Who will help me? Sigh... She's going on a much-needed break back to Germany, and then to Turkey with her "mutti". She leaves after work on Thursday. Oh woe is me... I just hope no one asks me to write a new report while she's is gone, because I don't know ANYTHING. Certainly not enough to write anything *new*.

I've set my own leave dates THREE times now. I need concrete dates to look forward to. Actually, I am eligible for six days of special paid leave - called R & R, as opposed to my regularly-accrued leave -- 42 days after arriving, and that's April 11, I think. And the most days I can accrue is six, period.


If you have read this blawg, PLEASE let me know.
Comments are welcomed, and motivate me to keep writing --
without comments, I start to think I'm talking to cyberair.

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