Weather in Kabul - an entirely non-political post
May 25, 2007

One of the FAQs I got when I was home in Germany earlier this month (was it really just three weeks ago?) was about the weather in Afghanistan: what's it like? And since my most recent personal post was oh-so-full of venom, I thought I'd post something much more benign. And what's more benign than the weather?

In Kabul, I've had it all weather-wise:

On May 20, the high here was 80° and the low was 48°. That high is as high as I ever like to go. Today, May 25, the low was 55° and the current temperature is 72°. I know this is such an anomaly for Kabul, and that the weather is going to get MUCH hotter. Not sure how I'm going to survive it. Especially wearing a headscarf. I'm such a wimp.

With the wind and dust has come allergic reactions. I have had four so far - various parts of my face swell up (sometimes my bottom lip, sometimes just the right side of my bottom and top lip, sometimes one side of my face, and always, my eyelids), and my eyes itch like crazy. It's lovely, really.

I don't have air conditioning in my guest house, but I do have it at work - a little Samsung wall unit with a little happy Arab cartoon man telling us that this is "The best buy for the Coolest Life" (I'll take a picture, I promise - we have named him Mahmoud). But we haven't used it yet, because we all hate air conditioning. Since our office doesn't face the sun, it hasn't gotten too bad... yet. We're petitioning for a ceiling fan. I have a feeling the air conditioning will get turned on in June at some point...

So, that's the weather in Kabul.


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