What Not to Do in Kabul
June 18, 2007

From a TERRIFIC blog called Axeghanistan Day Three: What Not to Do in Kabul, Filed under: Afghanistanimation. Wish I was so clever as to have written it!:
  1. Don't get pissed off at the slow internet connection at your hostel.

  2. Don't tell the host that you'll "find your own internet, thank you."

  3. Don't get defensive when one of the hostel staff escorts you to the nearest internet café.

  4. Don't tell the staffer that you'll make your own way home, even though it's well after dark.

  5. Don't count on your flawless sense of direction to get you back to your hostel.

  6. Don't panic Blair Witch-style when you realize that you're completely lost in the dead of night in the middle of a poorly mapped city in a country whose language you don't speak and which is somewhat renown for murdering foreign journalists.

  7. Don't resort to stopping random cars and gesturing wildly while babbling in English.

  8. Don't start wandering randomly hoping to find your hostel.

  9. Don't dismiss the likelihood of divine intervention when you happen across said hostel only 30 minutes after getting lost.

  10. Don't order the hostel's home-made calamari rings in an ill-advised attempt to celebrate your miraculous safe return.

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