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Canby, Mulino, Mt. Angel & Silverton (Oregon)
A 90-minute motorcycle ride
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  This ride is more than 44 miles, and will take you about 90 minutes with no stops at all. It will take you through windy roads through Mulino, Lone Elder, Macksburg, Yoder, and Mt. Angel, on your way to Silverton. Plenty of food options along the way.

From 99E in Canby, turn onto Ivy, going away from the railroad tracks (if you cross them, you are going the wrong way). Take your third left, onto Township. Watch your speed on this very straight road.

After you pass two large schools on your right and go over some railroad tracks - about 3 miles - take a left onto S Central Point Rd. After just 0.5 miles, rurn right onto Beaver Creek Canby Rd/S Carus Rd, and then after just 0.4 miles, take your right onto S Casto Rd, which dips down a hill - and prepare for oh-so-many twists and turns for most of the next 10 miles!

Stay on S Casto Rd. The road becomes S Spangler Rd, and after 1.2 miles, turn right onto OR-213 S/Cascade Hwy/S Molalla Ave. This is straight and relatively boring, but will become interesting once you get to Mulino. From here, you can drop this route and, instead, do this Beavercreek route (although you will be doing it backwards from what I have mapped out - which, of course, just dandy!), or go on to Molalla... and even on to Colton and Estacada.

But to continue on this route I have mapped on this page: make a right at the gas station onto S Mulino Rd, which you will take all the way back to Canby. It's a very twisty, fun road - but people regularly wreck on it from going too fast, so be careful!

Once back in Canby and at Township, you've ridden about 20 miles, but it should have taken you about 40 minutes to do, because of the many twisting curves.

Make a left on Township and take it all the way back to Ivy - but instead of going right at the end of the street, go left onto Ivy, which is also the Canby-Marquam and State Hwy 170. You are heading south.

Go about six miles on Canby-Marquam Hwy/State Hwy 170, continue onto S Kropf Rd, continue for more than 4 miles, and make a slight right onto OR-213 S/Cascade Hwy. After 1.4 miles, turn right onto Wagon Rd NE. Continue on this through Monitor. The road becomes Woodburn Monitor Rd NE, and you are heading to OR-214 S/Hillsboro-Silverton Hwy/Wilco Hwy NE. Once there, make a left. Take this all the way into Mt. Angel.

Once at Mt. Angel, you have done more than 20 miles, and at least 35 minutes of riding from Canby.

Mt. Angel is a terrific little town to walk around for a few minutes, and to have a coffee, a snack or a meal. We recommend Mt. Angel Sausage Company (especially for breakfast - note, they serve a LOT more than sausage) or the Glockenspiel Restaurant and Pub.

When you are ready for more riding, head back onto OR-214 S and take it all the way to Silverton, which is just another 10 minutes away. Silverton is also a very scenic town, a nice place to walk around or get a coffee, a snack or a meal, and a major stop for motorcycle riders coming down from Portland or up from Salem. Many of the riders you will encounter in Silverton are on their way to or from Silver Falls State Park, which is another 17 miles away (and on a beautiful day is a lovely ride).

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