More than 15 bands over three days during the main event in St. Louis...
a compilation CD...
even more bands and free activities...
the whole thang put together via the Internet
by people different cities across the U.S....
1999 was the third year for this event,
and I was there!

Adapted from my post to Postcard2


Subject: Twangfest 4 was grand

I had such a wonderful time, once again, and was extremely depressed all day today, missing so many of you. No long essay from me -- although I'm really enjoying everyone else's. Just a list of my favorite things re: Twangfest IV:

'Twas a beautiful thing.

And for the record, I did NOT ask Lonesome Bob to throw me in the pool. I just asked him to let me take my boots off.

I said it last year, I'll say it again -- put a dollar in a jar, every day, starting today, and you'll have enough money to at least get to and from St. Louis for Twangfest. Don't let shyness or intimidation or employment matters or dissertations or family obligations or financial problems or anything else keep you from it.


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