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UNITeS in Partnership with Universities

In support of the United Nations Information Technology Service (UNITeS), the UNV programme built a global network of universities for ICT4D (Information an Communication Technologies for Development) activities that involve volunteers. The “University Volunteer Network under UNITeS” provided human resources and knowledge resources, through qualified and experienced volunteers from partner universities. These volunteers served for six months in developing countries..

UNITeS received a Global Junior Challenge 2002 award in recognition for the University Volunteer Network. In addition, in its Action Plan, the UN ICT Task Force encouraged partnerships between leading training institutions, universities and community-level ICT4D programs, and recommended UNITeS as an avenue for such partnerships.

The common thread among all UNITeS collaborating universities was their interest in taking action to narrow the digital divide. The UNV programme partnered with universities in the North and the South, and helped them to get involved in ICT4D activities in their own countries.

Partnering with a university involved:

Students, faculties and staff at partnering universities were also encouraged to engage in online volunteering activities to support organizations working in and for developing countries, as part of the Online Volunteering service managed by the UNV programme.

University volunteers through UNITeS:

UNITeS Partner Universities:


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