How many responses have you had to your virtual volunteering? posting via VolunteerMatch, ServeNet or Action Without Borders? (remember, we are asking ONLY about responses to ONLINE volunteering opportunities, not opportunities that are onsite at your agency)

  1. Two

  2. 1000's

  3. We have received 58 responses from VolunteerMatch. From that group about 12 have become dedicated volunteers (8 online, 4 in-house), which is fantastic. We have never had a single inquiry from Idealist or ServeNet (though ServeNet has had technical problems).

  4. Approximately 75-100.

  5. Well over 30

  6. 14 in the past 6 months

  7. We have been highly successful in response to the virual volunteering opps listed: resource researcher and online ministry aide. Over the last 4 months I would say about 12 rseponses in each category have occured

  8. 49 so far in 2000. 96 since May 1999.

  9. In excess of one hundred, possibly twice that number--all from VolunteerMatch and the sites that link to VolunteerMatch.

  10. We get 2 - 5 a day from Volunteer Match

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