In what areas do you need the most assistance in working with online volunteers? (writing task descriptions, developing an online orientation, knowing how to evaluate people online, how to record online volunteer hours and progress, etc.)

  1. Mostly they are students, just arrived and starting up to find their way: they want to exchange information, having some interesting experiences: you have to have knowledge about the field because we are a small organization, we have no small jobs like administrative, telephone etcetera.


  3. I would like to figure out why so many sign up and then drop out immediately. I would like to develop an orientation and recognition system (photos on the Web, etc.)

  4. None.

  5. Ideas on what people can DO for us on line.

  6. knowing how to record online volunteer hours and progress

  7. Once again, blending my vision and our technological needs- pre-planning.

  8. Agencies do this.

  9. Don't have an intelligent answer for this. We've been setting up the ebase member/volunteer database and that will help us maintain better contacts.


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