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  2. It would be helpful if there was a way to remove volunteers that are no longer want to volunteers with you.

  3. We love VolunteerMatch! But we'd like to retain the people they send to us.

  4. I recommend using the volunteermatch site to any and all who are looking for volunteers/looking to volunteer. It is an easy site to use and update. One flaw is the three month time limit. I like to post volunteer opportunities many months in advance, but cannot accurately do so on volunteermatch (you have to play with the dates).
    Virtual volunteering is VERY new for most people, and although a wonderful opportunity for both the agency and the volunteer, I believe it will take some time before it is a common practice. Additionally, as a small agency, there is much staff time spent on answering interested volunteer e-mail, with a very small number actually volunteering. To cut down on time spent, I write a complete responce once, save it in a file, and use it to reply to all - adding personal comments when necessary.

  5. Very frustrating experience, all these people email they want to help and when we say sure, come on over and give us a hand they tend to disappear.


  7. I've been thrilled with the repsonse from VolunteerMatch. We have a website locally and if on the last year I received more than 5 referrals from it I'd be amazed. This is significantly critical in that our local Volunteer center has died and United Way wants to convene a task force to study the needs instaed of moving on connecting people!

  8. We have 2 Technical Assistant Virtual volunteers working in our office. One is a computer programmer who writes software for us and updates donated hardware. The other trained staff and volunteers in new software. We also referred a Sun City resident to a virtual volunteer job not posted. She was a retired professional librarian and searched the internet for books on a certain subject for an agency and helped them set up a library on the internet. We are developing our own web site which we hope to link with both and
    Thanks for all you are doing to get virtual volunteering established.

  9. Just, thank you for VolunteerMatch and for you (Jayne Cravens) and the resources you have put together. Bravo!


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