Agencies Who Recruited Online Volunteers:
Summary of Responses April 2000

Each year, the Virtual Volunteering Project selects a group of organizations that have used the "big three" online databases (ServeNet, VolunteerMatch, Action Without Borders) to recruit online volunteers. You can see responses to previous surveys at:

In April 2000 75 organizations listed on VolunteerMatch or Action Without Borders as recruiting online volunteers were asked to complete a brief e-mailsurvey. 12 organizations responded. Two of these organizations responded only that, while they were listed on VolunteerMatch as having virtual volunteering opportunities available, they actually didn't at all. Like last year not all of these organizations understood that they had listed themselves online as having virtual volunteering opportunities available, nor did some of these organizations understand, despite our careful wording of the survey, that we were asking ONLY about online volunteers (also true of last year's survey).

Complete answers to all survey questions are available here on our web site. The name and contact information for those who responded is not shown in this archive.

This summary information is compiled from the answers to our survey for agencies:

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