How would you like to help this Project as a volunteer?

  2. Well, I can make websites, newsletter, flyers....


  4. Anything.

  5. I would like to write articles for your Web site or any other newsletter you may have, including editing copy.

  6. I have limited HTML skills (see a page I did for my Mom at, and would like to help with web page development if my skill is up to it.  If it can be done by email or on-line, I could use my organization skills to help non-profits develop volunteering projects.

  7. I would like to help by making web pages, getting on-line information, write articles and anything else that you would want me to do.

  8. Anyway I can help, I'd be happy to do it.

  9. I would like to be a Virtual Volunteer and participate in any type of "Direct Contact."

  10. I want to help do researches online to gather informations. I speak 2 languages, Japanese and English, and if I can I want to use this skill to help Impact Online.

  11. Translation(French-English or English-French); Event planning; mentoring of young people

  12. By using my knowledge builtup over the last 35 years ie: Telecom(tech}medical(paramedic}and social work.

  13. I would like to help in anyway that is needed most.

  14. I would like to use my people skills to support someone who might be homebound online. I could be a cheerful, positive friend to someone who is disabled, for instance.

  15.  Web page design, research, web articles, or any other computer related capacity


  17. Talking to shut-ins, sending virtual postcards and presents. Making others feel a little less lonely.

  18. Computer work, writing, page layout, word processing, working with kids ...

  19. Let me know

  20.   would really like to help out in any way I can. I have many skills that I think could be helpful and volunteering is something I take very seriously.

  21. Would be willing to assist in training programs and also maintain web sites, provide help in programming etc.

  22. Anything they need the most help of.

  23. Use my computer and database skills and help in research projects

  24. I've had experience doing online research and registering web pages with search engines. I would also be willing to be an online contact to answer specific questions about an organization that I was especially interested in.

  25. Via e-mail correspondence


  27. I would like to focus on helping a student with homework, helping the Seniors learn the Internet, and helping somebody learn English.

  28. I would be interested in doing any kind of research (netsearches) for information useful to the project.

  29. In any way that I can help and expand my skills maybe helping start a Australian leg of the project.

  30. To help conduct online research.

  31. anything would be fine with me.

  32. I want to help people creating Web material to consider the impact their pages have on someone with limited or no vision or other disablities.

  33. I would enjoy (and have experience), developing online resource databases, doing web research, and developing training programs (to be used online by volunteers,remotely located branches, etc.). As you can see from my business website above (only a small sideline), I'm also good with management reporting, data analysis, etc. I would be happy to volunteer any of these services.

  34. I VERY MUCH want to work in the arena of advocacy for people with disabilities, particularly in the areas of:community inclusion, available, economical public transportation, independent living, Supportive Employment, and education. I would enjoy doing reseach for grants. I am a degreed Special Education teacher, with a particular talent in writing and literature, so becoming a tutor is of interest to me. I would also be willing to help write pamphlets, documents, and instructional materials. I love the idea of "visiting" people who are in the hospital, shut-ins, or folks with disabilities via e-mail and chat rooms.

  35. get the work done
    do a good job
    develop new ideas

  36. I would love to conduct information searches, provide basic tecnical support, and any other service that the program can teach me to teach others.

  37. Typing,analyzing, writing, proofreading, condensing, rewriting,etc. I have an AA degree in journalism and many years' experience writing.

  38. I am an analytical chemist, so I have strong organizational and mathematical skills, plus a pretty good computer background. I could be helpful with databases, or researching topics on the Web.

  39. Making researches about actual facts, specially in my country.

  40. I like being helpful and I like learning. I know that I would be an asset as a volunteer.

  41. Research information. Possibly making your site known to other organizations. You tell me what is needed and if I can, I will help in any way possible.

  42. I have great experience working with community development organizations. I am a student of architecture and urban planning at Columbia University.

  43. To be able to communicate with another family who is going through this. Just to be able to listen and let them know that all these feelings that they are having is normal. It is okay to feel what they are feeling. But the most important thing to remember is the child. You have to be there for your child. No Matter What.

  44. I would like to help people who need advice and who need someone to talk to. I would also like to help kids who need advice and if they are to afraid to talk to their parents.

  45. I can help with:
    -email correspondence (I use MS OutLook Express but I have experience with Lotus Notes, YahooMail, Hotmail, etc.)

    -Websearching. I consider myself an above-average web researcher. I have had sucessfully reaserched college scholarships, travel info, news items, (and now volunteering).

  46. I'd like to just help do what needs to be done.

  47. I would be able to create web pages during the month of August very quickly and thoroughly since I will not be working. Therefore, I will have time to assist on the internet any way possible.

  48. Aside from helping by writing to assist the project in its growth and development, I am interested in the senior population and reaching out to them. I have also been accused of being somewhat of a "crusader", so issues of human rights and consumer or senior advocacy programs also appeal to me.

  49. see above (Working with volunteers. Helping to get the project established. PR. I also have "technical" skills if those are needed.)

  50. i like to surf the net so i definitely know a lot and can contribute on the internet

  51. I have extensive internet knowledge. I always know a lot of people with experience with computers...what I do not know I can usually ask them and get a quick response.


  53. However I can

  54. research on-line

  55. I have never volunteered before but I have five years of professional experience in the healthcare industry that could help some projects. I am looking to expand my knowledge of community service projects. I have some experience in web site development (my code skills are limited to functionality in Microsoft FrontPage 98) but would like to expand these skills as well. I am having trouble answering this question, because I am not sure the scope of most of the assignments. I have strong writing skills with specific experience in proposal generation, strategic document preparation and white paper/case study writing, if that is applicable.

  56. I would like to create an area specific resource that provides people with the ability to do offline volunteer. For example, when I wanted to start volunteer work, I searched on the web. It was somewhat difficult to find web resources that matched my interest. I'd like to start something for the Bay area (which is where I life) that lists various volunteer opportunities. In addition, it would be nice for people who have volunteered to provide feeback about the programs. I think that it would be an invaluable resource for people moving into new area, as it would provide them with an easier means of getting involved.

  57. Whatever is available.

  58. I would like to design, develop, and/or edit web pages. That is what I currently do part-time for a college in Edison, New Jersey, and I am interested in offering my skills for free. I am also interested in conducting online research (via search engines, for example).

  59. I would be interested in doing research on just about anything. As I said before I spend a lot of time online and would be willing to help in any way I can.

  60. Same as above (Writing and making web pages like mine, and doing things that require me to talk with people via the e-mail systems)

  61. I would like to bring recognition to the value of virtual volunteering. I would like to enable organizations to free up people for direct contact with the public and have more resources to offer them by way of my research and presentation.

  62. I am flexible on what I canand/ or would like to do...things that would interest me is research and development, Marketing, telemarketing.

  63. I would only like to give what I can to help the cause in general. I have free time that would better be utilized helping others.

  64. I work 8-5pm (CST) M-F, and have time in the early evenings, and some weekends to get online. I would like to help with research online, but am open to other suggestions. I know a little html, and have done some graphic design. My work primarily involves bookkeeping, so I'm experienced with some spreadsheet programs (Excel), and word processing. I am open to a short-term project of your choice.

  65. anyway possible.....any and everyway

  66. Any way possible I can.

  67. I intend to use my writing and organizing skills to research the Web.

  68. I would like to involve in volunteer coordination and management, and help more people with disabilities to know more about this virtual voluteer program.

  69. I honestly don't know what all would be involved in helping with this Project, but I am quite familiar with the Internet and its uses. Any work that can be done from a home computer is right up my alley! Of course, I don't rule out working face-to-face with anyone either.

  70. I would like to help any organizations at all the may need help with website design or those who may need an entire website structure.
    I have also read on this site that some groups need help researching through the internet and collecting information for proposals, grants and other reasons.

  71. I guess that as a volunteer, delivering on time and with quality should help to prove the concept.

  72. Well, as I said before I really want to make a difference. I could help companies and they dont even have to pay. So both the company and I would get something out of this. I would get a lot of pleasure for helping someone. And the company would get a volunteer that really enjoys helping.


  74. As I mentioned, I am very interested in research. I also enjoy designing brochures and newsletters and such. My main interest is information gathering. I have quite a bit of knowledge in many software packages and am in the process of learning Microsoft Front Page as I am on the intranet committee at work.

  75. I would like to help in any way that I can. As mentioned above, I have a vast knowledge of computers, the internet, creating web sites, searching the web, troubleshooting hardware and software problems, etc. I would like to put those skills to good work for an organization that is doing good for others.

  76. I am very interested in writing and I am currently looking into the field of journalism. So anything in that general area would be much to my liking.


  78. i am lotus handy. I have already compiled data for the interests of making a meeting book. this book contains the name of the meeting place, it's address, the days & times of the meetings according to zones in Queens,NYC. Simply put; I am a good clerk.i am lotus handy. I have already compiled data for the interests of making a meeting book. this book contains the name of the meeting place, it's address, the days & times of the meetings according to zones in Queens,NYC. Simply put; I am a good clerk.

  79. I am interested in designing/creating web pages for whatever organization needs it. Likewise, I would also enjoy enhancing a web page that is already on the world wide web.

  80. I would like to help in any way I can. I would like to help children and animals especially. I want to help make the world a better place and can only do so by getting involved.

  81. Although I am not sure what exactly I can do yet, I am going to do what I can do best.

  82. I would like to do online research and work on the Beta-test project.

  83. I am a Marketing professional with a strengh in web-based design and marketing communications. I love creating newsletters, brochures and communication pieces.

  84. I am very experienced on computers, clerical work, transcription, and on the Internet, I will help in anyway that I can. I strongly beleive in confidentiallity

  85. I would like to help non-profit organizations achieve thier on-line or computer goals.

  86. My students have an incredible array of technical talent and could be utilized in many different aspects of volunteering.

  87. in any way which might be of service

  88. I have experience with database projects, writing contracts and grants, and have project development skills.

  89. Be a beta tester, help with HTML if needed.

  90. I am a graphic designer and realize the cost behind marketing. I am volunteering some of my time and my talents to help reach the masses via web or printed media.

  91. I would like to help by researching things, I can also do some HTML, I don't know how to do Java yet.

  92. Sorry but I really don't know what exactly this Project has to offer me in terms of work. I speak portuguese,italian,english and a little french,I study International Relations in college,and I'm really willing to help in anyway I can.

  93. I can make websites, using HTML, DHTML, CSS and Vbscript.

  94. 1. I would like to write .html pages for this project. 2. I would like to help your project become more international.


  96. (Same as above.) Creating the html for web pages as well as designing interactive pages using cgi scripting such as perl.

  97. As for a volunteer I would like to help them with designing web pages comprised HTML, Javascript, exciting graphics/3Ds and Shockwave for Authorware and Flash.

  98. I may develop HTML forms (write, test and so on) on my computer and send "final" versions to project's coordinator or publish thy directly on Web server.

  99. I would like to help create or maintain a web-site for an environmental group.

  100. web design

  101. I am a profession web designed (webmaster), and a network administrator, I think, I'd be able to create a whole web site for an organization in matter of hours, As long as it doesn't require high-end technologies, like search engines, or database. I am volunteering to desing simple HTML/JAVA/DHTML pages. I can't accept a task that requires a full day commitment. And if they're looking for a place to host their web site, I can give them our ORGANIZATION plan, which is far too cheap!

  102. Microsoft Access Data Base construction

  103. I would like to do anything possible to help whomever it is I do volunteer for.

  104. internet research, writing, limited web page production (content - i am graphically-challenged).

  105. Designer, webmaster, authoring. I have done most aspects of webhosting and designing.

  106. have some conversations with some people

  107. Html coding, editorial, writing articles (I do have a BA in English). I'd love to contribute graphics (logo, navigational icons, special events 'gifts', etc.) I would love to contribute in whatever way I could to promote continuing education (I went to college at age 37 and got a degree at age 43).

  108. I can offer computer programming skills such as designing and building web pages, performing database design, or designing and developing personal computer-based applications.

  109. By helping to complete whatever projects are assigned to me in a timely, professional manner.

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