For what other organizations have you been a volunteer, on or offline?

  2. The American Cancer Society, Meals on Wheels, The Red Cross

  3. NONE


  5. I have tutored and continue to tutor in elementary schools. I teach children with learning disabilities how to read.

  6. American Association of Oriental Medicine, Literacy Council

  7. I have worked with Toronto General Hospital, AIDS society, and Lung Cancer Society.

  8. I have been a volunteer for my childrens school, a preschool, and for girl scouts of america.

  9. I have volunteered at the Bronx Veterans Affairs Medical Complex, in the Nursing home.

  10. None. But I am in a club at school Interact Club where we go our and do community services.

  11. Townshippers' Association, Magog Historical Society, Memphremagog Food Bank, Our Region, Our Future, United Church of Canada Sunday School, United Church of Canada Session, Royal Canadian Legion

  12. Coordinator Community Help Service, St Johns Ambulance, Search and rescue

  13. I have been a volunteer through my local church in the past.

  14. Mental Health Association, Kaiser Medical Facility, PTA, Girl Scouts of America, American Heart Association, Mayflower Gardens Convalescent Hospital

  15. Joint educational project (USC), Pledge drive operator WNTV (VA), Mentorship programs, Tutoring programs


  17. Boys & Girls Club of America, Volunteer programs through my church, non-organization based volunteering, AA sponsor

  18. I have never volunteered.

  19. Youth Services Committee, Eighth, Manhattan District, Grand Lodge of New York, Free and Accepted Masons, Local #3, IBEW, apprentice training school, Grand Street Boys, Electchester Housing Company, Friends of Art & Design High School, MetroElectric Computer Association, Educational & Cultural Trust Fund of the Electrical Industry.

  20. I have never volunteered for an organization because in my home town none was available.

  21. James Cancer Research Hospital, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (OFFLINE)
    Partnership in Healthy Aging, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,PA (ONLINE)
    LibertyNEt, Philadelphia, PA (ONLINE)
    MOSAIC, Penn's Asian American Literary Arts Magazine.
    Currently, i am undergoing training to serve as a web guide for the Mining Company (ONLINE)

  22. I have helped out with the special olympics.

  23. Glaucoma Research Foundation

  24. None online. Girl Scouts of America, local schools, local marathon, political party, political campaigns, historical group, town committees, symphony orchestra, etc.

  25. I have never been volunteering befaore for any other organization

  26. Bend Area Habitat for Humanity

  27. none

  28. None.

  29. meals on wheels, Roadhouse.

  30. Youth at Risk- an organization that educates and counsels young gays.
    The Damien Center- they educate and aid people living with aids.
    Planted flowers downtown to beautify the area with my restaurant.

  31. none

  32. I created my college newspaper web site. I created a photography project for the disabled students on campus. I am a member of the International Online Writers Association. I'm vice president of the college Helping Hands club.

  33. All offline - women's shelters, special olympics, overnight program for homeless men, youth-at-risk drop in, etc.

  34. Texas Special Olympics
    Denton Independent School District
    Gainesville Independent School District

  35. never volunteered before

  36. I have worked for local/area agencies, one private and two public.

  37. Churches, Girl Scouts, for assorted seniors, libraries, newsletters

  38. Church
    Children's school

  39. None.

  40. Churches, local sports teams, and various local charities.

  41. Girl Scouts, Hospital outreach programs

  42. Meals on Wheels, Youth Camps, Rouge River Clean-up, Homeless Shelters

  43. Just church organizations. I have been a Sunday school teacher, and I get along fantastic with children.

  44. I have given advice in the chat rooms. I helped paint chairs at the Smithon grade school.

  45. None to date

  46. Discovery Museum,Sac,Ca

  47. president of local Students Against Drunk Driving, donated web pages, Lincoln Center (senior citizen meeting area), local church,

  48. I have volunteered at the local Senior Wellness Center most recently and as a patient advocate at a general hospital in the past. I have also written an article that was published in a nursing journal and have been commended on editorial letters written in the more distant past.

  49. Online: Sysop for CompuServe, Section Leader on Prodigy, Ass't Wizop for local BBS

    Realtime: Meals-on-Wheels, my Church, Blecky Community Center Tutors, PTA President, SOS Homeless Shelter, School Clinics, Pontiac Rescue Mission, MI State Parenting Partners, etc..

  50. public library, sheler, church


  52. Camp Simcha (for children with cancer)
    Lovely Hills Nursing Home (Pawling, NY)
    American Diabates Association

  53. I have been a volunteer for the Taney Public Libary

  54. hospital

  55. This is my first experience with volunteerism.

  56. I've been an volunteer with Hands on San Francisco (HOSF) and San Francisco Street Project (SFSP).


  58. A nursing home in Cumberland, Maryland, and a domestic violence shelter in Columbia, Maryland

  59. I have spent quite a bit of time doing online dog rescue-as well as church groups and when I was in high school I did a lot of toutoring to grade school students.

  60. I dive to take pictures of the reefs, and then make web pages on them and do online reports

  61. I volunteer my time on the phone for the local battered shelters and safe houses. I also have donated my time handling the phones for NA. I am active in the areas of incest and suicide attempt survivors. I am currently joining VOICES and the AAUW.

  62. MLK Campaign, Environmental CLubs

  63. YMCA, Project AIDS New Haven, Easter Seals

  64. The Self-Help Network of Kansas, a self-help group clearinghouse located at WSU; Project Access (data entry), a project that provided educational information and support to families, in relation to strengthening the relationship between them and the public school system.

  65. Humane Society and Walt Disney World.

  66. -Junior Volunteer for Riverside Community Hosptal in Gloucester, VA.
    -Key Club

  67. political

  68. Project SMArT (tutoring and mentoring)
    Chinese American Service League (tutoring and organizing activities for students)
    APEX (Asian Professional Extension) (mentoring)

  69. Offline:
    --St. Joseph's Hospital
    --Swedish American Hospital
    --Boone County Board of Education

  70. I have volunteered for food drives in the past on a couple seperate occasions as well as volunteering transportation of dinners donated to the needy on Christmas day by a restaurant a friend used to work at.
    I have also created and have been working on the site I listed above for the past year (

  71. At the French American school of Silicon Valley

  72. I volunteer in my old elementary and middle school. I also volunteer at a near by pre-school. Sometimes, I help the manager of my building with her jobs. And I volunteer at my fathers job.

  73. I have not yet been a volunteer in any organization.

  74. All of my volunteering has been offline. I volunteered at a local library doing data entry work for many years while my children were little as well as for the local PBS station during their auction. I was a volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization for two years.

  75. none in recent years.

  76. Romans Chapter 8 Ministry (written correspondance)
    Regional Neighborhood CDC (offline)
    Church (offline)
    School-Related (offline)


  78. Alcoholics Anonymous - Queens Intergroup offline.

  79. American Heart Association
    Eta Sigma Gamma - health education honorary
    Local Public Television Station

  80. I volunteered at a rehabilitation/nursing home. Also I have helped with various church activities. I am in the process of becoming a big sister. fI have also done some work for the United Way.

  81. Local Hospitals.
    Local schools.

  82. Local Sexual Assault organization
    Local children's zoo
    local genealogical society
    local Gambler's Anonymous group

  83. none

  84. American Cancer Society
    Girl Scouts
    March of Dimes

  85. None

  86. I personally served a year with an AmeriCorps program in the S.F. Bay Area

  87. Director of Community Service, Louisville Jaycees
    Citizen Foster Care Review Board

  88. AmeriCorps
    National Forest Service (NFS)
    A local Bicycling/Greenbelt project

  89. Church, Scouts, submarine

  90. Boy Scouts of America - Asst. Scoutmaster, Troop 15 Dover, PA

  91. I've volunteered for the public library.

  92. This will be the first

  93. MADD (Mother's Against Drunk Driving), Schooner Inc., KC101 Radio


  95. Salvation Army, Wild Life Associations

  96. None

  97. I've been volunteer for the Internet department at the University of Derby in England. You can may look at it and it's on my web site ( and look for 'My work' section to see the work that I've done.

  98. it's the first time when I'm trying to become volunteer. :-) But I made a lot of work for business partners of my company (Colgate, Samsung, SAP and other)

  99. I have volunteered for a number of organizations in the Montreal area: Concordia QPIRG (Quebec Public Interest Research Group), Santropol Roulant (Meals on Wheels Programme), Montreal Urban Animal Advocates.

  100. none

  101. none


  103. none as of yet.

  104. Habitat for Humanity International systems analyst (fulltime) 1995-1997 - Science-by-Mail mentor 1987-present United Way/Capital Area Community Investment 1998-present Foundation for the Homeless (Second Street Breakfast and Interfaith Hospitality Network) 1990-present Family Pathfinders VISTA Leader (Director of Affiliates) 1997-1998

  105. I am currently enrolling as a volunteer for the RAINN organization (

  106. animal shelter

  107. Bloomsburg University

  108. none

  109. I have not been, however I am trying to get involved with Volunteer Jacksonville.

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