In your opinion, what's best about virtual volunteering in general, and the Virtual Volunteering Project specifically?

1. Anyone can participate within the comfort of their space and still make a difference even if they don't know the project in person. We have a wonderful volunteer who updates our information when I send it to her and she can do that work anytime she wishes.

2. The best thing about... the Virtual Volunteering Project is the depth and clarity of the information provided. virtual volunteering is the variety of tasks and the relative flexibility and convenience.

3. It allows us to utilize the talents and services of resources who might otherwise go untapped. VVP has been a wonderful introduction to this concept. Jayne Cravens was incredibly helpful in getting started in this area.

4. The best thing for us in having people volunteer virtually is that those far away who believe in what we are doing can play an active role. The best thing about the Virtual Volunteering Project is it has connected us to some interested and interesting volunteers.

5. Virtual volunteering can reach so many people. I like the VVP site because it gives such wonderful common sense information about virtual volunteering.

6. The best thing about virtual volunteering is the ability to interact with a variety of persons of various backgrounds and experience. The Virtual Volunteering Project is the best one-stop source of assistance to those wanting to begin a virtual volunteering program or for those who want to become involved in virtual volunteering.

7. the ability to have "no boundaries" as far as recruitiung volunteers. It's also very easy for my volunteers to volunteer online (as opposed to phone volunteering).

8. The tremendous web based resource of information. We link to it and refenrence it first when thinking of doing a new virtual volunteer project.

9. Virtual volunteering offers new pools of people the opportunity to be of service. While it's true that busy computer-based professionals are potential recruits, the real power of the medium is to involve those in rural areas, anyone homebound, anyone with a physical disability, and people with highly unusual needs/issues who would otherwise be isolated. The Virtual Volunteering Project has been remarkable in its uncovering of so many vv projects already underway, and its presentation of immensely practical how-to information on the Web. This is due in large measure to project director, Jayne Cravens, and her vision and energy.

10. In general, the best thing about virtual volunteering is being able to help others from the comfort of one's own home, and on one's own schedule. The VV project is extremely helpful because it pulls together SO many resources in one easy to locate spot.

11. people can do it on thier time, people contribute in a lot of ways that wasn't explored like research, writing documents, creating newsletters

12. I think virtual volunteering opens opportunities to everyone. Being able to help others builds a strong sense of self-worth by being able to give back to the community.

13. 1. creates more interesting ways to involve volunteers and tap high-impact talents 2. allows those limited by time or mobility to volunteer more 3. may allow those in rural areas to cope with distance problems connected to volunteering, a previously insoluble problem

14. For me, the VV project completely expanded the way I thought about using volunteers. Our agency now regularly uses highly skilled volunteers to do jobs that 2 years ago I would have thought we would have to pay for. It keeps our overhead low, and raises our community support. It also allows me to "re-deploy" volunteers, something likely of interest only to statewide or technical assistance organizations. Recently, I was contacted by 5 people in a 2 week period to do web design/support, and although we have enough work for that many folks, I knew that I would not be able to manage all of them effectively. At the same time, some of the programs we support across the state expressed interest in building web pages. I selected a volunteer I thought would work well with a group doing their first web page, asked the volunteer if she was interested, and made a match. Since the program is a 3 hour drive from our physical location, that kind of transferability does not exist (as easily!) with on-site volunteers.

15. In general: The asynchronous, dispersed way it allows volunteers to work. VVP: The cheerful, optimistic and practical way the whole project handles every part of its work and the subject.

16. I have used the website many times- both when I was trying to expand our VV program and other times for sound volunteer management advice. I always had on my "to-do" list to sit down and read the site from start to finish in hopes that it would expand my understanding of how Virtual Volunteering should work.

17. Virtual Volunteering enables many who do not or can not participate in traditional forms of volunteering to get involved. The Virtual Volunteering Project is an excellent on-line library of everything anyone needs to know about virtual volunteering.