When and how did you first hear about the Virtual Volunteering Project?
(how and why did you find our Web site? if you were using a search engine, which one and what keywords were you using?)

1. From Jayne Cravens.

2. Through an AIR-Austin volunteer, Sue Soy

3. We started with Impact Online.

4. We were personally approached by Jayne after a mutual friend told her about the work we were doing with sick and disabled kids online.

5. Jayne Cravens and I are on the same mailing list (HerDomain).

6. I was searching, probably with Excite, virtual volunteering. Initially, I read something that mentioned virtual volunteering and decided to followup on it. I can't remember what I read or if it specifically mentioned this project.

7. Applied for an Imapct Online grant. We found Impact Online thru a yahoo search

8. From Jayne and Brenda Ruth at BCN

9. They found me!

10. I heard about it a few months ago (I can't remember exactly when) from Jayne Cravens, whom I know from an unrelated group on the 'net.

11. thru BCN director


13. Workshop session many years ago.

14. I don't remember. Maybe the nonprofit listserv.

15. Personal contact with Jayne Cravens.

16. Inherited it from my boss.

17. Via a review of Internet resources on volunteering in a journal produced by the UKs Institute for Volunteering Research.