Have the resources on the Virtual Volunteering Project Web site had any lasting or long-term impact on your work, within your agency, or in your work as a volunteer?
(did you start an online volunteering program or refine the way you involved online volunteers because of these Web site resources? do you visit a particular page on the site more frequently than others?)

1. I think it's had a lasting impact just knowing that it's there and that I can refer people to it. I wish I had $10,000 for every person I've sent to the site! We got a volunteer coordinator through online posts, and the most useful was in looking at policies for working with youth virtually. We also recently posted a call for a Web team and for a curriculum development team so it will be time to look again at new resources on the site. We also recently applied for VISTA volunteers so we can get much-needed help with our volunteer management and outreach both on and off the Net. We have created job descriptions for these positions based on assistance and suggestions provided by Jayne Cravens (see below).

2. Yes, I frequently refer to the web site when developing an online volunteer assignment or project. AIR-Austin could not exist as it does without these resources.

3. We started our program as a result of our association with the Virtual Volunteering project and have used the website on many occasions particularly online forms, agreements, etc.

4. Since being involved in the Virtual Volunteering Project, I think we have become a lot more open to the possibilities of having someone do work online for us and more creative about volunteer opportunities that can be done from afar.

5. Yes. I've referred many SafePlace employees to the site.

6. Yes. This project provided the outline and direction to get a program up and running quickly. It saved many hours of false starts and provided examples that allowed the program and the volunteers to become productive from the very beginning. I most often reviewed the types of jobs virtual volunteers were doing for other organizations and any information related to how those jobs were structured.

7. Yes it has! We have refined some of the ways we do things with our vv's. We have also gotten feedack and ideas from other affiliates.

8. We are in the process of crafting virtual volunteer projects relying heavily on the Virtual Volunteer project to implement it.

9. As a consultant and trainer in the volunteer field, the project definitely taught me many things that I, in turn, now teach to others. I not only learned about virtual volunteering but also about virtual volunteer management--a much more universal application of this technology. I also made a point of getting some personal experience as an online volunteer. I served on a board of directors virtually and am still part of an advisory committee.

10. I can't honestly say yes at this time, because I only recently found the website!

11. Yes we link our volunteer handbook to it. It helps us to reach out to the volunteers and improve our support.

12. I've always viewed the pages as a good starting point for the projects that I've worked on. No sense in "reinventing the wheel".

13. I include it in suggestions and information provided in technical assistance to agencies - current results are problematic, but I'm optimistic. As they say, new paradigms usually triumph by simply outliving supporters of the old models.

14. Visiting the web pages of other VV projects spurred our program to start taking on-line "applications". We're now offering programs across the state the ability to have an on-line sign up for tutor training workshops, and initial response has been very positive.


16. Yes- encouraging me to think about how all of our projects can be translated to become virtual volunteer friendly.

17. Not yet. The Internet explosion is still waiting to hit in the UK but I am using data from the website to stimulate people's awareness of the Internet as a medium by which people volunteer so that we can be a UK market leader in virtual volunteering.