Has the VV Project Manager, Jayne Cravens, assisted you in setting up, maintaining or expanding a virtual volunteering program, or in participating as an online volunteer? If so, what was the nature of this assistance, and did you find the assistance helpful?

1. Absolutely. Austin Free-Net has gotten a lot of help from Jayne Cravens including: 1. recruitment of volunteers 2. provided tips on formulating and posting calls for volunters 3. personally introducing us to the VV site 4. answering and making suggestions about our work with a University of Texas class project 5. staffed a table at Charitech to give our staff a chance to run around to network with other non-profits 6. Supported and referred groups to Austin Free-Net for the past 2 years (that I know about) 7. Shared information about local groups that would be potential partners for Austin Free-Net conducted a training for the AIR-Austin Rally.

2. Jayne Cravens is incredibly helpful, resourceful, and imaginative. Without her help in training the AIR Austin volunteers and setting tasks, the event could not have been so successful.

3. Jayne came to our offices and spoke with me at length about virtually volunteering. She provided many resources that both on and off line that enabled me to quickly learn about volunteer managmenet in general and virtual volunteering specifically. She has been an enormous support to me and to our agency.

4. Jayne has been very encouraging and has personally "matched" us with some good volunteers. We also greatly appreciate the interest she has taken in our project and the fact that she always seems to be on the lookout for ways we can connect not just with volunteers, but funders, clients, colleagues and others online.

5. Jayne has been very helpful as regards the SafePlace online teen center, and I plan on shamelessly picking her brain in the future as the need arises.

6. Very helpful. Jayne offered direction to sites with information when I wasn't even sure how to define and categorize the information I needed. She critiqued some of our initial setup documents such as mission statements and job descriptions. Jayne advised me of local resources and activities I would not have found without her contacts. Her suggestions proved to be on-target and very helpful in saving many hours of work in the initial startup of our vv program.

7. Jayne gave me wonderful advice on delagating responsibilites and this in turn has brought about a totoal re-organization of our Online Program this past Juenj 1999 that included 6 new Online Coordinators managing 220 online volunteers. Also the $ donated to our organization thru Impact Online has helped great new training materials for our vv's. Jayne always has ideas and sugestions every time I have contacted her. No one else in my mind has the vision and expertise that Jayne has with VV's.

8. No, not yet but the resources on he web page seem to be sufficient to begin on our own

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11. yes. An Impact online grant. personal emails with insight and ideas. She has a lot of resources to draw from and she is quick to respond.

12. Jayne's been very helpful as the project manager for my volunteering. She's providing direction for my efforts and has been very helpful in making sure that I had all the tools necessary to complete the project and examples of places to get started. She's got a gift of leadership. She builds a strong level a trust even though there's been no direct (face-to-face) contact. E-mail is a difficult medium to build teams with (again, high tech, high touch), but she's developed what appears to be a well-organized troupe.

13. Through a combination of intelligence, charm, and harassment, Jayne has become part of the reason that I spend 30 hours a week on-line. She has also caused me to become somewhat more optimistic about the future of volunteering. And, of course, her informational resources are first-rate.

14. Absolutely. I haven't asked a question in a while, but when I did, she had suggestions and answers. Most importantly, she encouraged questions, and made me feel comfortable in asking them. Her regular updates to the VV listserv were very helpful.

15. I could write about it in a Bulletin at http://www.nonprofits.org/ I'd need a news peg.


17. Jayne has been extrememly helpful giving advice on our program. She participates in our National Outreach Committee which relies on volunteers all over the country.