What resources do you need most to assist you in virtual volunteering, and have you been able to find these resources on the VV Project Web site?

1. I need volunteer policies most often and I have found them.

2. Examples and management techniques that are most helpful in managing virtual volunteers are abundantly found on the VV Project web site.


4. I really appreciate matching services, such as the one at Impact Online. I can't wait for the day when our virtual jobs can be listed as easily and generate as much response as our in-person volunteer opportunities.

5. SafePlace is adding an online teen center which will be fairly interactive (message board, chat, etc.). I've directed the teen center manager to your site so that she could develop a policy and etiquette standards.

6. I think resources most used on an onging basis are lists/links of online posting sites for virtual volunteers. These have no time limit due to experience since there is constant turnover. I like having many of the resources listed and prescreened by an organization with experience. I usually do find everything I need on this site.

7. Examples of how other agencies are doing things. Examples of forms. yes I could find them.

8. The how to manuals on the web site

9. Not really applicable to me.

10. The resource I need most is information on rewarding and encouraging virtual volunteers. I have definitely found information >on this on the VV site.



13. How-tos, examples, and interesting trivia - all of which show up on the VV site. It could, perhaps, use more pictures of the dogs.

14. hmmm. Can't think of anything that I haven't been given already.

15. A better sense of day to day management tasks and priorities. Probably mostly my problem.