1. Thanks for doing this work. I never knew how much I would need it and it's helped me think more clearly about how to work with volunteers (and to recognize that it's still a personal challenge but that I can in fact, get help!) I look forward to learning more and to contributing more of what I hope will be useful information about our successes with virtual volunteers.

6. Online Service: Set up and established the Arizona Pioneers' Home Volunteers Association, Inc. virtual volunteering program. Obtained donation of free host for web site, developed and maintain web site. Manage virtual volunteers.
Comments: Virtual volunteering has a great future. It may grow slowly as technology settles in and the students today become the adults and workforce tomorrow. Ultimately, I believe it will become a common and highly valued resource. I think the online support services and resources will continue to grow and evolve into a sophisticated system.

7. Online Service: Sidelines. I began as a phone volunteer in Ohio. Then began supporting online and then was offered a position managing the online program.
Comments: I have REALLy benefited from the VV project---THANK YOU!

11. Jayne's the best! great idea that can only grow. I may even seek assitance from Cameroon.

12. Online Service: mostly online research, some assistance in developing a plan for potential offline marketing efforts for the VV Project. Subscribes.

13. Online Service: mentoring of AmeriCorps volunteers
Comments: As heroic as Jayne is, this project needs and deserves more champions and workers, if only to get the message out faster. There seems to be a solid base of information available about how to make VV work - the real question now is how to encourage, train and assist agencies to make use of it. That takes resources far beyond what seem to exist for the VV project. As a comparison, the Family Matters volunteer project at POLF, which deals with a similar "new" form of volunteer involvement, has roughly 8 staff people and we still feel stretched. VV needs more resources or adoption will be a very slow process. Fortunately, my own take is that there are a lot of potential funding sources available.

14. This is a fabulous resource. We became involved shortly after I started this job [Executive Director, Volunteer Manager, whatever!], and it has really shaped the way we think about using community resources [as in people] to reach our goals. I really believe that this project has expanded the horizons of our agency tremendously, and can't imagine how we would have accomplished some of our goals without this frame of reference. I am happy to be a resource at any time if I can be of any help.

16. Thanks!