Tell us if you find the Virtual Volunteering Project Web site valuable, and why you think it is so (or not so, as the case may be):

1. It's extremely valuable (and worth the time spent on this form) because it's a great resource on anything related to volunteer management. I hav found everything I've ever looked for including working with youth, bibliographical references for management resources, policies and handbooks.

2. Absolutely. The fact that general theory is supported by the experiences and examples of such a variety of organizations really brings the possibilities to life. The web site is an inspiration for ways to involve volunteers from a wider cross section of the population.

3. It is a great resource!

4. The Virtual Volunteering website is valuable, though it contains an awful lot of information and at times appears very daunting. If we were not an affiliate organization, I doubt we would have used it much because it presents Virtual Volunteerism as something that requires a lot of background reading/soul-searching. When we need help, we need it ASAP!

5. I think it's a very valuable resource. It's well organized and very informative.

6. I find the site very valuable. The areas I use the most are the examples from other organizations to help expand my ideas. Advice and resources are the next items I use the most.

7. yes! it has given lots of great ideas and Jayne has helped us tremendously.

8. It is etremely valuable to me as an online resource and collection of information about virtual volunteering

9. It's amazing and I have sent innumerable people to it. It is well organized, thorough, and upbeat. It doesn't have a lot of fancy bells and whistles--thank you!!!!

10. I do find it valuable, because it gives me access to a variety of helpful resources on volunteer management issues all in one place.

11. Absolutely. it has good materials for volunteering, but volunteering with technology in particular.


13. Quite simply, it is the state of the art on virtual volunteering. It's also an excellent example of what can be done well in informational web sites versus what is usually done.

14. Yes. It's my reference tool. After all this time, I'm STILL developing a complete set of materials to go on-line, and I access the VV site frequently to help myself do this.

15. Clear, well organized, full of information.

16. Yes! The VV program has many advantages- taping into younger volunteers, providing a great way for people with disabilities to volunteer, and others. I think the greatest advantage of the VV Project is that it integrates volunteering into peoples' lives. Turning on the computer has become a habitual reaction and the flexible schedule it allows is advantageous.

17. I find it incredibly useful as a quick reference tool for all things virtual in volunteerism but also as a library of helpful, pracgmatic and relevant information.