If you ever attended a workshop on virtual volunteering:  
8. Workshop Leader: Nonprofits and Technology
April 1999, Denver CO
Value: Yes, because I was able to meet and talk to Jayne in person. Helped develop a greater sense of common community.
Impact?: No

11. Workshop Leader: Brenda Ruth
April 99, Denver
Value: I presented to the Colo Non profit iNternet users group. it seemed to go well, and not many people thought about how to use Virtual volunteers.
Impact: Strengthened it

13. Workshop Leader: Cravens/Ellis
Value: 1. great explanation of concept
2. interesting examples
3. polite way of dealing with those who clearly did not get the concept and thought it was about recruiting volunteer on-line
Impact: I started volunteering on-line myself by mutating an existing volunteer assignment and then used some of the VV materials in talking with other groups.

16. Workshop Leader: don't remember
June, San Francisco Hilton
Value: I was disapointed by the workshop. I attended because I wanted to learn more and instead found it to be more of a "sales" approach. I already know I want to use VV, I was hoping for tips and suggestions. The workshop was more appropriate for someone who had never heard of VV.
Impact: none