Please add any other comments you would like to send to the Virtual 
Volunteering Project (If you wish to remain anonymous, make your 
request here)

1 I would like to remain anonymous. Not for privacy as much as it is my way to do things. If you need any help, let me know though. Thanks, and I like your idea!!

2 Volunteering is an excellent way to combat the bureaucracy and the religious/politcal wars that go on in all IS departments (public and non-profit sector). My next volunteer job is putting the local United Way's "Help Book" onto the web. Again, this would never have been done (for political reasons) without the walls being broken down by a volunteer.

3 No answer. 4 No answer. 5 No answer.

6 I need to remain anonymous in my location because of the recent herstory.

7 Please keep the name of the organization anonymous, and generalize the exact project so that it is not identifiable.

8 Yeah, Please keep this anonymous. Thanks.

9 No answer.

10 Please keep my name and the organizations anonymous.

11 I wish to remain anonymous.

12 No answer.

13 This is a great opportunity for people to reach out in both areas...needs and meeting those needs.

14 No answer.

15 No answer. 16 Please do not use my name. 17 No answer. 18 No answer.

19 I will agree to the use of my name, but could you let me know how this (and where) this information would be used? Thanks.

20 Have a super day.

21 No answer.

22 This is a great site...I'm glad I found it.

23 No answer.

24 Thanks for the great opportunities! It has been a pleasure working with you.

25 No answer.

26 I don't want to be listed as a web designer who'll do sites for free, but I don't mind my comments being listed in general. 27 It's a geat way to volunteer. When I did public awareness volunteering offline I couldn't reach nearly as many people.

28 No answer.

29 We are attempting to build the Virtual program at the same time as the Volunteers Association is expanding. We are all learning as we go in many areas. Due to the location and small community with limited resources,the virtual volunteers could end up being the largest segment of this associations volunteers. So I am dealing with some interesting concepts that don't fit the format you prescribe.

30 I found pleasure in submitting good data in a form that was consistent and easy to understand.

31 I wish to remain anonymous.

32 No answer.

33 I would rather be anonymous.

34 You seem very concerned with *organised* volunteering. I have also helped people on Usenet on an individual, unorganised basis. I have an antivirus page and resources for the disabled on my web site. I have helped a Phd. at Nasa recover a damaged partition table on a hard drive by email. And I have ... run out of space.

35 You have LOTS of good information on your website. Keep up the good work!

36 I think there is an opportunity to link-up. If you have contacts with volunteers who want to create Donorware, that's great! I would be happy to include your URL on the Donorware site page if you had anything that would make this connection.

37 I am excited to see some structure in place to get the voters out and informed!!

38 Did not answer

39 Tell the world. Too many agencies, particularly rural ones, don't believe they need or don't think they can afford web exposure.

40 You can read more about what we do at That paper was written in May and the site has continued to grow in size. We are currently getting about 10,000 hits a month (and 2000 messages a month on our popular discussion forum).

41 I am a sociologist at heart, so my perspective on the web is a little different than most web developers. I know the Internet is the biggest advance in society in history. I know it is completely changing our planet and the way society is evolving. We are really on the fore of what Einstein had hoped for, a true global community. It inherently holds the qualities that can bring the possibility of world peace like never before imagined, because communication can be established among people like no other medium in history. It's an incredible time to be alive.

42 The authorized site I have is for an actress who believes in community service. I was interested in finding a link to add to my site so her fans could volunteer online. The actress encourages volunteerism. May I add your link?

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