What organization(s) have you volunteered for via the Internet?

1 Valley Christian Church

2 Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children.

3 HSP: An outreach to the homeless in Pittsburgh, PA. HSP travels by sea kayak along Pittsburgh's shorelines bringing food, clothing and at times medical staff to homeless living along Pittsburgh's riverbanks.

4 CACF - Coalition for Asian American Children and Families.

5 Equine Rescue Network Incorporated (I'm on the board) ReRun LIFE Foundation. 6 But all contacts were made via an email list, web page, or other interpersonal connection. Youth workers is another connection, which I have found useful. Basically anyone working with the culture in a human services position must face the East Meets West phenomenon.

7 An association re: oriental medicine.

8 NetDay Minnesota

9 W.O.W. Cafe

10 A progressive activist organization in Austin Texas, a church in Kentucky, and a chapter of Survivors of Suicide in Austin, Texas.

11 East Tennessee Computer Society (ETCS)

12 Impact Online

13 The local School District, A Weekly Community Newspaper.

14 Very Special Arts New Mexico plus others

15 Lawrence Organizing Voices for Empowerment-the LOVE group, Northeast Independant Living Program, INC. (NILP).

16 A religious education association.

17 http://forums.msn.com/disabilities/

18 First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia.

19 Goodwill Industries of Southern California.

20 National Performance of Dams Project, Stanford,CA Health Professions Partnership Initiative, NC and national Lansmuseet Vasternorrland, Sweden Interfaith Council of Chapel Hill, NC. TeamTECH of RTP, NC Others...

21 RPList, NCMP (North Carolina Meeting Place), Virtual Buddies (Through Charweb).

22 One was earth-friendly cleaning products. The second was a professional networking agency. The third was an environmental consulting firm.

23 ISWorld.

24 STANDUp for KIDS, Impact Online, Professional Networkers, People for Extending Earth's Life.

25 Cortland County Health Dept., ZAP (Zero Adolescent Pregnancy, Youth Bureau, Mental Health Association.

26 Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky.

27 CJD Voice.

28 Raphael house.

29 Arizona Pioneers' Home Volunteers Association.

30 Virtual Volunteering Project.

31 A transitional homeless shelter.

32 None.

33 Counseling Center and an Episcopal Church.

34 A local community net.

35 Montenegrin Association of America, Greensburg Art Club.

36 Donorware Central.

37 Maine Audobon, Natural Resources Council of Maine, Noerthern Forest Alliance

38 rathna aids research society in india

39 Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor Association

40 Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia

41 I set up websites and have done so for several non-profits and hope to do more.

42 I have an authorized fan site and I have contacted many porno site using her name and got the pages removed.  I am interesting in doing more for other actors.  It is hard to do without permission from the actor or representative.  I am currently contacting places, such a studios,etc to get permission to speak for the actors in requesting the pages be removed.  I feel strongly about this issue.

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