How did the organization(s) you help(ed) recognize/reward you, if at 
all? (did they give you a certificate, provide a link from their Web site 
to your own Web site, give you a letter of appreciation, etc.)

1	None, I didn't want any recognition. Many people don't know 
	about it, including the staff. I did it for the person who was 
	creating the web site as my little way of helping.

2 They gave me their "volunteer of the year" award" at their annual meeting.

3 No answer.

4 There is a link from their site at to mine at They also sent me a letter of appreciation outlining what I had done for them as well as what the cost would have been if I had charged them for it. Plus, they asked me to provide continued maintenance of their site for a small fee and they sent me a T-Shirt.

5 Lots of thank you's.

6 Nope. Not in person. But word of mouth is tremendous. Maybe they told me about their class's progress, or showed me their grade. Thanks came of course. But I am not into external rewards. When I see progress and movement from point A (usually ignorance) to point B (the light goes on, they get it, awareness enters the room) that is usually enough for me. I probably will publish stuff about this eventually. But for now, it's fun! I am still learning. When I quit, I will do something else. Oh, I homeschool, and have helped them. When they no longer need me then I know I have done a pretty good job. I do things which work me out of a job, by choice. It has its own rewards. Being published more would be a terrific incentive though now that you mention it!

7 They were enthusiastic about the quality of my work.

8 I got a thank-you letter from them. They gave me a t-shirt, too.

9 Don't make me laugh.

10 One organization put a picture of me in their newsletter and thanked me. The church gave me a thanks in front of the whole congregation when I went for my annual visit there. Lots of email thanks.

11 I always feel encouraged because the editor, when e-mailing, always offers positive recognition of the job I do, how much he appreciates having a quality writer, how much good the column is having in the community, etc. Of course, I felt pretty good when I actually got a fan e-mail via the Internet.

12 Did not answer.

13 No.

14 As a board member I get plenty of certificates, etc. From those in workshops, I often get thank you notes, but best is to get a phone call that someone got a grant.

15 The good feelings I get from helping out.

16 I have received certificates of thanks , letters of thanks, and honorarium monies which cover my expenses. Mostly, I enjoy hearing from the 'boss' that I am helping him.

17 Provides free web access.

18 I was praised by both our ministers and thanks in the newsletter itself for my help.

19 Still working with Goodwill. They are very vocal in their appreciation and that is plenty.

20 Email of appreciation. I would want nothing more.

21 I have received many many thanks, words of encouragment, etc. It means so much to me to hear that I'm appreciated.

22 Mainly their thanks. The networkers did let me put my name as the designer of their site at the bottom with a link.

23 I received an electronic thank-you note. Occassionally people who use my piece of the ISWorld website send me notes as to its usefulness.

24 One site gave only thanks. Another site let me put a link at the bottom of the site I designed. At another organization, I was given a membership which provided marketing support.

25 Buying supplies, thank you letters, acknowledgement in reports and newsletters.

26 Their appreciation is manifest in many ways-- generally by way of "that a boys" or by internal mentions to the organization as a whole. They've also asked me to link their site to my own, which I obliged them in.

27 People telling me I'm doing a great job and people thankng me for the information andasking if they can add links to the organizations, website.

28 None that i am aware of.

29 I get verbal thanks from the Superintendent. Their web site space is donated as a part of my family home page.

30 Hours logged and reported to community service.

31 Letter of volunteer hours.

32 I was selected as their Volunteer of the Year (1994). Since that time, rewards have been personal--Thank you notes, phone calls, etc., which is sufficient.

33 They have thanked me. My articles will reach more people than I can talk with.

34 I have a "Volunteer" cap and a button. Does that count? Plus quite a few "thank you"s by email an appreciative mention at the community net's annual meeting. I also got to attend my first Science Fiction convention by being a volunteer for a couple of hours at the community net's Internet demonstration booth.

35 Oral thank you from several members. Letter of appreciation and permission to put a "recognition link" on their website.

36 No answer.

37 No answer.

38 No answer.

39 Certificate, recognition and link on the About the Site page, recognition in organization publications, attaboys. And enough work to make me feel needed.

40 They reward me by recognizing that I have something to share. I have received letters of thanks, and receive constant feedback from both the organization and the site users.

41 Not looking for recognition for myself. I do assist the organiztions that I help in how to set up programs for themselves. for example, a work in progress:

42 I just get a thank you email. I do this as much for myself as I do for others

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