What would make your virtual volunteering experiences more satisfying to you?  
1 Being able to do more.

2 If I knew for a fact that it helped someone.

3 More visits to our site!

4 No answer.

5 No answer.

6 Dunno yet. More connections probably. THis is after all a new horizon and all. Isn't that where you guys help moi? I wish that I could afford to make a terrific web page, and write about tons of stuff. But all of that costs $$$. Having an electic chair again would get me out the door more, and I wish I could find those connections online somehow. It was only folks online who got me out of an abusive situation by assisting in support and some finances. But we are still in a hard spot. I would like to return to getting out more AND volunteering online as well. I need the equipment to do so longterm though.

7 More of it.

8 I'd like to do more, first of all, and I think I'd like to feel more involved in what I was doing. My work with Netday was pretty tangential to their primay mission : I was really helping them get other volunteers to do the work of wiring the schools. I'd like to find a way to volunteer via the internet in a situation where I could help more directly with an organization's goals.

9 Seeing results (in this case, that people respond to notices about this organization).

10 That organizations I assist continue with the work after I leave, and that they give me a sense of what is going to happen or has happened as a result of my work.

11 Having better equipment. I work on an antiquated computer... 486, 33 mhz, 14,400 modem. Since I spend a LOT of time researching the Internet for my column, I would LOVE to have a FASTER computer.

12 No answer.

13 More writing opportunities. More opportunities to encourage people on-line to do their best and think possitive. More opportunities to let people know that they're not alone.

14 No answer.

15 No answer.

16 No answer.

17 No answer.

18 To be able to use my writing skills more creatively.

19 Nothing.

20 If organizations had more Info. Technology money to do really amazing projects.

21 A faster computer and more time. I'm working on the first one.

22 More respect.

23 I guess more active exchange and dialogue. Maintaining the page is a pretty solitary activity for the most part.

24 I think that a receiving a certificate in snail mail (especially when the project was a complicated one) would feel good. Something you can actually see. The idea of a banner or logo to display on my site is a good one. It should link back to here. There could be several types of banners which are awarded for continuous service. The differences could be a simple color variation. Someone saying thanks is nice but having something physical feels good after all the effort.

25 No answer.

26 No answer.

27 Treatments and a cure being found for Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

28 No answer.

29 More local resources in Prescott to facilitate communication.

30 Recognition of the difficulty in sifting through the websites to extract the pertinent information.

31 No answer.

32 More opportunities would be good.

33 No answer.

34 Less spam.

35 Working with a team on a larger project with the opportunity to learn from others.

36 No answer.

37 No answer.

38 No answer.

39 A big increase in association membership, and other signs that the work I do makes a difference.

40 It can't get any more satisfying than it is now! :) We have received some media and academic recognition and that is always exciting. It is an incredible feeling knowing that you are a part of this success.

41 more help- more support - more trained volunteers. The heads of the organizations need to be more involved in the web.

42 No answer.

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