What kinds of volunteer activities have you done for a nonprofit 
organization or public sector institute via the Internet? (Note also whom 
you assisted -- staff? other volunteers? clients of the agency?)

1	Registered with web search utilities. 
	Aide in finding EMail resources.

2 Created web site, www.gahsc.org, with referral database, application forms. Pages are powered by Javascript (no CGI), so they are cross-platform and are also used offline in a browser. Also assisting in connecting the state DFCS offices and the GAHSC agencies to the internet.

3 I obtained server space donated by a local company and set up a web site for HSP. Visit at www.nb.net/~homeless (some parts still under construction).

4 I designed a web page for them, found a host for their site, and uploaded the site.

5 Set up and maintain web sites for these organizations. Have worked with the staff.

6 I am interested in helping organizations regarding this by educating them about cross-cultural awareness issues. I need a bit of educating myself in how to find these organizations. I enjoy entering a chaotic situation (organization), finding the pattern, pointing out the alternative solutions, and then leaving, checking in later to see how the conflict was resolved specifically, etc. Basically I have a crisis intervention backround, and enjoy using it in intra or inter-agency situations! Got any clues on this one?

7 I am preparing a petition for this organization to submit asking that Medicare co contact with this organization has been through email. I contacted some of its members by email for research papers.

8 Netday Minnesota is an organization involved in helping to wire Minnesota schools to the Internet. I helped set up a web site used to orginize and register volunteers with experience in insalling wiring, or with materials to donate.

9 Advertising their Web site (designed by someone else) by requesting links with other sites.

10 Helped them create Web sites (map out what their site should look like, what audience it serves, convert their info to html, some graphic design). Also helped with online promotions/activism. Also helped one org recruit other volunteers.

11 I created and write a monthly column for the ETCS monthly newspaper, PC REGISTER. It's about seniors using the Internet to enhance their lives. Each month focuses on a different topic. This month, it centers on using the Internet to find or pursue volunteer activities.

12 Gather information.

13 Advised School District office on Web Site suggestions and Volunteer Columnist for the newspaper.

14 For VSA I research grant funding opportunities from foundations. I give workshops to nonprofits on researching and have added a section on fundraising on the web. I'm not sure, of course, how many follow up. but I do know several have.

15 I've set up a website for the Lawrence Organizing Voices for Empowerment-the LOVE group - a group of mental health consumers in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusets USA, and am continually adding to it/changing it when needed... I've set up (and still have more to do) a website for the Northeast

Independant Living Program, INC. (NILP) a place that offers disabled individuals services to help them live more independantly. I'm in the process of setting up a website for my church... All of the above are non-profit businesses...

16 I act as the associate editor of the membership newsletter and designed the member brochure. I do the layout on the computer, receiving information by email, and then send them the final `product to print and mail.

17 on msn disabilities forum staff- 2+ years. We help new disabled users navigate in msn, and the Internet to find information helpful to them in any disablity if possible. Bulletin boards are maintained, and scheduled chats for staff specialites including insurance, employment, social services, ADD, chronic pain, and many others. Only compensation is free Internet access through staff accounts.

18 I edit and write material for the church newsletter, The Beacon. I work with the office manager.

19 For example Goodwill's Volunteer Services Dept.: for an upcoming event I wrote the event press release and a public service announcement, and then did a fax and email blast to area broadcast and print media. Also, scouted the Web for opportunities to add the event lisiting on all sorts of sites.

20 Primarily web work and databases for organizations.

21 RPList-Nic Graner/Liz Hare - Liz and I left the list for reasons of our own. We both were list maintainers for over a year or more. Virtual Buddies-We all contribute. There are disabilities of all kinds.

22 I assisted the professional networkers to set up a online library and created their new web design. I also provided online help for anyone setting up a new business on the internet. For the environmental consulting firm, I provided large document management and form creation which were transferred via the Net. I also provided in-home computer software and hardware support for one of the Owners. The cleaning products was providing online responses to a help desk. Answers to problems could be directed toward anything having to do with the products, online resources, web design, marketing, customer contacts, company regulations and other related questions.

23 I developed and maintain a web page with information about using active learning techniques for teachers of information systems.

24 Assisted staff in online research, provided email support for product assistance and web site assistance, updated web sites.

25 Desktop publishing of brochures, grant proposals, coupon books, flyers, etc. I have also helped build websites and done Internet research for staff and clients of these groups.

26 I created and maintain their website (http://www.aye/net/~raptors/)

27 I am involved in public awareness. I inform people about Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, which is a horrendous infectious fatal brain--deteriorating disease, by posting on mailing lists, newsgroups, contacting webmasters asking them to put iformation and links about CJD on their websites. As a result I've had webmasters add links, have been asked to do articles, have been asked to do an in-service for nurses in a chatroom. Also, have created a list of CJD researchers and service organizations who accept financial donations so people can look at it when deciding on contributions.

28 System upgrade.

29 Set up web site, list on search engines, contact media, search for funding sources and community contact resources for the Volunteers' Association via contact with the Superintendent. Attend meetings via conference call.

30 Database research collecting names address etc.

31 Searching for funding opportunities

32 Installed and configured Internet software for Windows 3.x & Windows 95 (staff); installed and configured applications for Internet access in various protocols for Windows 3.x & Windows 95 (staff); written and edited newsletters (staff), operational procedures (staff), grant proposals (staff), grant research (staff & volunteers); technical support (staff & volunteers); assisted library patrons in their use of the Internet ` (staff, volunteers, & clients [patrons]).

33 I have written articles for their newsletters (I used to live in DC and am in NJ temporarily - this was a way of keeping connected).

34 Volunteer user-support to help other users on the Community Net learn how to connect and make the best use of the Internet. Also co-editor of MS-DOS part of the Public Download Area for the community net.

35 Set up web sites; see http://www.montenegro.org. and http://art.club.greensburg.pa.us

36 Developed a web page and its contents. http://www.ggw.org/donorware.

37 I have provided research for my community regarding the voting records of our State and Federal Representatives and Senators, Current events notification,Email alert distribution, letters to our representatives. All of my work has been informal.

38 ten staff

39 Physical address: San Antonio, Texas, U.S. Virtual address: Austin, Texas, U.S.

40 My stint with the community net was brief, although I do keep my eyes open for new opportunities that might interest me with their organization. My role with BCANS includes complete site maintenance, creation and development. Alone online since it's inception in late 1996, I am now joined by a web committee consisting of one other volunteer and 2 members of the organization.

41 set up website or webpages trained organization members maintenance of website and how to build web pages

42 I love to make graphics. So far if it can be described I can make it. Not sure where this would be useful. I have helped many people online to get webpages started at geocities and helped make graphics, and banners for them.

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