How did you originally get together with the organization(s) you 
helped/are helping? (did you see a list of volunteer opportunities on a 
Web site, something in the newspaper, etc.)

1	I'm a member

2 I was asked to take a look at the GAHSC's database by a friend.

3 Was previously involved with HSP's outreach.

4 I am a New Yorker who is currently living in Australia. So, my initial contact with them was when I was still in New York through a member of their organization.

5 Through a mailing list about equine rescue.

6 Nope. They saw my ability and insight and sought me out. I am usually over-qualfied for several tasks, but enjoy educating and getting them to believe in themselves. The old fishing metaphore describes our lifestyle. (Give a wo/man a fish...teach a wo/man to fish and you....) Did I mention it's a family thing? I have a daughter and together many lives have been made better by simple bridge building between mutually misunderstood cultures clashing wildly. I have never found anything in a newspaper to be useful. It was always NOT open to anyone needing a wheelchair or even a cane! That meant no opportunities for my daughter as well, which is very sad really because they lost out. She is smart and extremely social (more outgoing than self in person), and good at whatever she tries in the people world. Nope. Those paper things never worked for us. But human contact did. I also prefer individuals or perhaps speaking with a group. I say with because if they are interactive, why am reiterating things of which I am already highly congnizant, right? Web Sites are terrific though. I just never found one except for an occasional "How do you say this in ___ language?" There obviously need to be more such opportunities and outreaches. However my year sans modem and computer access showed me how few of us actually are out there doing the web thing, too.

7 Called the office to make initial contact, then email.

8 My previous employer was involved in the organization - he told me about the project.

9 I volunteer with the organization, attend meetings, staff etc.

10 I was personally associated with each already.

11 The ETCS monthly newspaper had an "advertisement" for writers. I had an idea, and submitted a proposal via the Internet. It was accepted via the Internet. All my work is submitted via the Internet. I've never seen or met my editor.

12 Found it on web.

13 Just asked around. I'm very resourceful and hunt until I find answers.

14 VSA - I'm a board member Workshops - people sign up for them.

15 (Lawrence Org...)joined thru a friend, and later volunteered to set up website... NILP: was referred, but don't recall by whom, recently volnteered to set up a website for them... the Church-joined awhile ago, and just within the past week or so, volunteered to set up a website for them, just beginning to set it up now.

16 I was already a member of the organization and volunteered my computer skills.

17 I joined msn initially, and visited the disabilites area regularly, and was asked to join staff by the staff manager dur to my vast knowledge of insurance being an agent. I also am disabled with severe arthritis.

18 Volunteered directly to the office manager.

19 I just moved to town and called Goodwill to see what they needed. Community Relations Director called me and invited me to tour the facilities. Because I do PR and marketing for a living, it was an easy match.

20 I almost always make contact by answering a question in a technical Usenet group-- most often in the subject of database construction, adminstration and internet technologies.

21 Found the RPList through my caseworker with the blind. NCMP, I ran across their page. The VB list was a volunteer activity through Charweb. We all contribute information on a variety of topics ranging from new medical facts, social security law, disability facts, adaptive equipment, computer help and daily support for the heart and soul.

22 The environmental consultant was a friend here in Denver. The cleaning products was first on the Net. I found them through a free advertisement. This led to the second Internet opportunity with the networkers. The founder was a member of the other organization and liked the work I was providing.

23 I used ISWORLD's Web site and saw this area as one where I could help contribute.

24 My first work was from selling products on the Net. I provided email support for advertising, fundraising, & web design. That led to my second opportunity which was a request from a contact from the other company. Since then I have found my opportunities through this site and have help here.

25 I was involved in one group before becoming disabled and some of the groups provided services for me when I was in the hospital and afterward.

26 Family member.

27 Found it on the web but can't remember how.

28 Compumentor.

29 My parents are residents of the Pioneers' Home and my father was a Prescott business man for many years. I became aware of their needs through their letters to the families and newspaper articles sent to me by my mother from the local paper. Prescott is a small community and the Home has not needed support outside of the onsite volunteers working with residents until severe funding cuts threatened to close the Home. As computer professionals, my husband and I felt we could assist the volunteers by helping form a virtual volunteer affiliation and using technology to vastly increase their exposure.

30 Web.

31 Saw an article in the newspaper about the organization, wanted to do something to help, contacted the director, decided that since I was computer and Internet literate and since they needed more funding I could help by doing funding searches. 32 Newspapers, TV, radio, the Web.

33 For the center, I had somehow been put on a mailing list, and became interested in their activities. The church was in my neighborhood, and I wanted to get more connected to the community.

34 I was drafted! I was a user on the Community Net and subscribed to the help-answers mailing list. Once in a while I thought I could add to one of the volunteer's answers. I was asked to become a volunteer myself so I wouldn't be intruding in others' answers and have been enjoying it ever since.

35 My husband formed the organization. My sister became president.

36 Member and past president.

37 Networking at Forest Activist meetings

38 Did not answer

39 I was a charter member of the organization.

40 I worked with a breast cancer survivor and knew that she had started a new organization. I was interested in the whole issue of breast cancer and knew that my skills could be used to create a simple, # brochure type web site for them.

41 word of mouth

42 I help those who ask me via email.

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