Have you volunteered/do you volunteer offline and, if so, what have you 
done? (face-to-face, on-site help, such as serving food at a shelter or 
mentoring a young person).

1	I'm a youth sponsor at our church.  I also have done missions 
	trips to Panama and to Mexico, as well as inner-city 
	Minneapolis, MN.

2 No

3 Yes, weekly street rounds visiting homeless people 'at home' bringing food, etc. Also visiting via kayak for those living on the river.

4 I was a part of the "big buddy" program at Queens College in Flushing New York for several semesters. We spent each Saturday with a disadvantaged youngster taking them on outings to cultural events and other places of interest. We also had several overnight trips.

5 Do not volunteer off-line.

6 Big on the mentoring, but not just kids, adults as well. Much public speaking. Lots of tutoring. Music lessons for free are more rewarding than those for which I ever got payed. And the list goes on and on. I enjoy advocating for families who are being treated inappropriately by agencies. Yes, it happens. But as a trained worker I also know how it is supposed to be done, which assists me in gently pointing them in a better direction. I think I enjoy that almost the most. Or shall I say, I know it leaves permenant positive residual. Most agencies, most people (they are afterall a people organization) easily and more often than we prefer to imagine, get off track. They get a long way off track. Also, having run an agency, I know that it is difficult to track every single worker who has opportunity to have unobserved time with a client. I think there need to be more of us working on cleaning up our field. That is why I enjoy doing this. It isn't combative,! if I can possibly avoid it. Everyone feels better afterward. I guess one day I would like to teach others how to do this too! I am a mom most of all, firstly and lastly. That is the most significant thing in all we do here in our creative and busy household. It carries through in everything I do. A goal myself and the head of Violence Prevention in my last state shared was to set up a non-profit for reporting abuse of power issues.

7 A few years ago, I tutored reading.

8 No.

9 Have worked in human rights organizations, now volunteer with women's nonprofit theater.

10 Yes. I've done everything from stuff envelopes to serve meals to staff a registration table.

11 None.

12 No.

13 Yes, I am a volunteer for HOSPICE of Snohomish County, as well as a volunteer Notary for them. I also have volunteered at Flight Museums and sometimes drive kids from the local school district to get needed clothing.

14 On volunteer alot! Mostly arts organizations but also do things like the annual AIDS walk.

15 No answer.

16 With other organizations, yes - I work with youth at church.

17 Offline I have visited with several fellow disabled memebers I met online, helped them fill out Social Security disability forms, etc.

18 I have fromtime to time served and prepared food for various church functions.

19 Since I moved to LA 8 months ago, I haven't done much volunteering yet, besides the computer work.

20 Occasional work for Interfaith Council in Chapel Hill and their shelter/kitchen.

21 Up until my vision got so bad, I would volunteer at my oldest daughter's school. I was on the PTA board for one year and a member of the PTA for the last 6 years. Since then, I have offered my help with web design and computers but haven't been taken up on the offer as yet.

22 Only computer-related: hardware, software, administrative procedures, etc

23 I've done quite a bit of stuff off-line. I will be working on an economic development project in Africa for 2-3 weeks later this year. I've also helped out with small-scale activities in my local community.

24 Director of Volunteers at STANDUp for KIDS.

25 Sometimes people come to my house for computer tutoring, to proofread, or learn more about the Internet.

26 Not at this point-- I live in Nebraska, they're in Kentucky

27 Hospital volunterr, tutored underprivledged children, public awareness on Reye's Syndrome, worked with ex-convicts helping them adjust to life outside prison.

28 I have done onsite for compumentor. This project has inolved some on-site, but the bulk has been over email/phone.

29 My husband has been a foster home for animals and worked with Jr. Achievement. I have been a scout leader.

30 Repairing PCs at a museum.

31 Only online.

32 Production artist for newsletters (online and offline), interim Community Partner for county library Internet project, traffic director, food server, laborer.

33 For the center, I was a friend (companion) to two people going through grieving. At church, I taught in Sunday School, helped with Meals on Wheels, the annual rummage sale, organized adult education, was a lay reader and usher.

34 I used to be an Assistant Cub Master but that was years ago.

35 Secretary-Treasurer of Montenegrin Association of America ... I do the paperwork and did the incorporation papers.

36 Perinton Volunteer Ambulance Corp.

37 Did not answer.

38 face to face

39 Teach concealed handgun and other firearm related courses. Teach firearm instructor courses. Serve as organization vice president.

40 I do on and offline volunteering. Online my time is spent with the BCANS website, offline it is also BCANS (such as volunteering to help with showing the Life Quilt for Breast Cancer at a local mall) or whereever I am needed.

41 yes.. I studied Human Services and Sociology, was working towards a degree in that field and accidently landed in the Internet industry. I felt I could accomplish more through the web anyway. I've worked in Hospice, Adult outpatient psychiatric daycare, nursing homes and others.

42 Did not answer.

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