Why did you want to provide volunteer support via the Internet?

1	It is an area I love and I have unlimited access as well as the 
	time and utilities to help in these areas.

2 Pay-back to the internet for my winnings in the Java Cup programming contest.

3 I knew that I could help HSP gain exposure at little cost.

4 I was in the process of launching a home-based web design business. I saw my contribution of a web page to a volunteer organization as an opportunity for both of us. CACF wanted to a web site, and it was an opportunity for me to broaden my experience and my portfolio.

5 There is no such organization close to me physically. Also, it provides a way for me to develop my skills and a portfolio.

6 People see me, not the chair. (Hey, I'm not even ugly. They just can't see past their own disability to see anything BUT the chair!) More people interfacing with the Hmong are here than anywhere else in the world. I know about this culture and love clearing up erroneous thought patterns. Ya know, change ignorance into knowledge?

7 My illness severly limits the frequency and duration of times when I am able to work. I have to spend most of my time lying down, and I am able to work on the computer some of this time.

8 Nice to use skills I have from work for something non-work related, plus I enjoy programming (which is what I was doing as a volunteer), so any opportunity to do it is fun.

9 Able to do it any time; small way to contribute; have the means.

10 Easy to do -- flexible schedule. Also, a high profile for my contributions.

11 It was the only way I could, since I am not physically capable of being around 99% of people. (Yes, that means I live a rather solitary way of life, which suits my personality.)

12 So i could volunteer at home. i don't need to have transportation to get to my volunteer place.

13 It's commuting time that I don't have. I have an awesome computer that could fulfill volunteering for many different areas. If I don't have to drive there, I am more apt to do it.

14 I spend a lot of time on the net - they didn't have to ask.

15 It's fun to learn, and I'm learning html as I go along... Also, I like to help others, and it's a way of giving back for all the blessings/good things in my life.

16 It seemed like a good use of my skills, and I could fit it into my schedule; it is also a good way to network.

17 No answer.

18 I love the internet and computers. I hope it will give me a chance to use my skills and perhaps even showcase them.

19 Easy and effective way to reach people with an income. Web surfers could be potential donors and volunteers. I could volunteer on my own time from my office or home computer.

20 It is fast, easy, fun and I can help anyone in the world.

21 Due to my disability, driving is out of the question. I also have children at home so that limits travel drastically.

22 I have trouble working in an office enviroment due to my disability. My work schedule must be done in 20-60 minute increments with long rest periods between. The Net gives me the opportunity to work the hours I can.

23 I saw that I had something to contribute to the larger ISWORLD community that might be of use to them.

24 I love computers and have come to enjoy the Net. It also provides me with the opportunity to work the hours and schedule that is important to my disability. My day is worked over 24-hours and broken up in 1/2 hour increments.

25 I enjoy surfing and have excellent computer skills.

26 It was a perfect match for what I was doing.

27 Is a way to reach a great number of people about the disease. Also, the organization I work with is only located online.

28 It has proved to be the most time- effective way to accomplsh the task.

29 I have extensive technical resources at home. I also have several health problems that preclude driving long distances and working set hours. One additional reason in our family is my husband's travel schedule. He travels 90% for his job but his schedule is unpredictable. We've been known to have to meet in an airport just to have dinner together.

30 No time available during regular working hours.

31 It fits my hectic schedule. I can do it whenever I have some free time and I don't have to travel anywhere other than to my computer

32 I use my computer in my business and it's very handy to also volunteer by using my computer.

33 As I noted before, I've been away from Washington. It was a way to keep in touch, and also share experiences here in the context of the organizations.

34 Mainly, because I can. It is one place where my self-taught computer skills can be put to use.

35 Enhance my skills with web technologies.

36 No answer.

37 I am selfemployed as an Internet Service Provider...so I have LOTS on online time on my hands =)

38 No answer.

39 The members of this organization are thinly scattered across Texas and the U.S. The internet is a vital way to communicate with them.

40 That's where my skills are.

41 It is an incredible opportunity. My goal is to create a hospice network. My motto: Identify the Need - Manage the Effort.

42 It just happened that way. Fans of Nancy just contacted me and needed help. I accidently came across a porno site and started emailing to see what I could do. So far I have removed four sites.

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