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This information was last updated on May 1, 2000

Volunteer Management Information & Resources

List of volunteer centers and web sites featuring information on volunteer screening, matching, record-keeping and evaluation, legal issues/risk management, volunteer/staff relations, online activism by volunteers, and volunteer management software. Also includes links to resources for coordinators of service learning programs, and information regarding mandatory service.

This is a list of resources by organization/company. You can also view this list by type of resource.

List of Volunteer Centers by State
There are a number of places to find such lists online; our recommendation:

Web sites With Volunteer Management Information & Resources
    American Humanics
    An alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofits preparing undergraduates for careers with youth and human service organizations.

    American Society of Directors of Volunteer Services (ASDVS)
    of the American Hospital Association
    Members work "to advance the role of volunteer services departments as vital resources in health care facilities."

    ARNOVA - Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action
    Search the discussion list archives by keyword. Information is a blend of theoretical and applied interest to help scholars gain insight into "real world" concerns while providing practitioners with valuable perspectives and data relevant to their work. See Online Discussion Groups for Volunteer Managers & Volunteers for information on the ARNOVA discussion group.

    Association for Volunteer Administration (AVA)
    An international membership organization, based in the United States, working to promote professionalism and strengthen leadership in volunteerism. Its Web site has information on AVA membership, publications, upcoming events, and AVA's professional credentialing program, CVA (Certified in Volunteer Administration).

    Campus Compact National Center for Community Colleges
    A national advocate for community colleges in service learning, to sustain service learning as a national movement and to support the promotion and implementation of community service as a means to improve teaching and learning to the ultimate benefit of students and the communities in which they live.

    Chronicle of Philanthropy
    Includes links to a variety of volunteer management and volunteerism-related resources. Also includes a summary of the contents of the current issue of The Chronicle, the "national newspaper of the non-profit world."

    A not-for-profit organization based in San Francisco connecting technical professionals who want to volunteer with agencies who need them. Has an online version of its handbook to prepare its mentors for what to expect in volunteer situations available at:

    CYBERVPM (Cyber Volunteer Program Management)
    Volunteer management resources, with suggestions on volunteer program development, recruitment, screening, training and other management issues, as well as information on recruiting and accommodating a diverse volunteer base, sample policies and online volunteer applications and information for people in government who work with volunteers or with those in community restitution programs (GOV-VPM). Web site also includes a monthly Update. By the manager of the CYBERVPM online discussion group (see Online Discussion Groups for Volunteer Managers & Volunteers for information).

    Energize, Inc.
    Susan J. Ellis, an internationally-recognized expert in volunteerism, is president of Energize, Inc., a publishing, training and consulting firm. Her site includes numerous excerpts from her books and articles on employee/volunteer relations, all-volunteer group leadership, policy development, program assessment, record-keeping, recruitment, risk and liability, service learning, training tools, trends, volunteer centers and international policy development, and much more! Also includes a job bank of volunteer management positions, a list of all DOVIAs in the U.S.A., and information about the free Energize monthly e-mail newsletter.

    HRNET Discussion Archives
    Since April 1998, the posts to HRNET have been mirrored on eGroups. This is a searchable archive. While this is focused on the management of paid staff, the discussions include things of interest to volunteer managers (conflict in the work place, recognition, etc.). The discussion group is now defunct, but its archives provide excellent information!

    Human Resources Indicators
    An excellent online self-evaluation for an agency's human resource systems and practices, including management of volunteers. Part of a series of Nonprofit Indicators (internal evaluation tools) at that can help identify strengths and weaknesses in an agency's governance (board), planning, financial activities, fund raising and legal protection. Developed by the Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits at the United Way of Minneapolis Area.

    Insurance Issues for Volunteers
    Information on general liability, worker's compensation, auto, and injuries, from the volunteer's point of view, the nonprofit's point of view, and the corporate point of view. By Costello & Sons Insurance Brokers.

    Invisible College
    An expanding circle of educators that fosters and promotes community service learning as an effective educational tool. "The Invisible College recognizes the transforming power of service learning to involve the academy as a responsible and inclusive member of the diverse community."

    Legal handbook for nonprofit corporation volunteers
    Offers examples of "awful situations" and how to prevent them, with advice on volunteer screening, evaluation, training and insurance.

    Mandatory Community Service by Students and Service Learning:
    Background, Resources and Studies
    An in-depth article by Education Week that explores the support and objections to service learning and "mandated community service" by students. Includes links to many other articles and studies, pro and con.

    Merrill Associates
    Features a "Topic of the Month" focusing on a helpful tip relating to volunteer management, strategic planning, board development, leadership/change management, communication, collaborations or corporate volunteerism.

    National Association of Councils for Voluntary Service (NACVS)
    A growing network of over 260 Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS) throughout urban and rural areas of England. NACVS supports local voluntary action and CVS by providing advice, information, consultancy and promoting local voluntary action at a national level. This site includes a list of those CVS (Councils for Voluntary Service and similar bodies) in England known to have an e-mail address and/or web page.

    National Assembly of National Voluntary Health and Social Welfare Organizations
    An association of national nonprofit health and human service organizations.

    National Association of Service and Conservation Corps (NASCC)
    Provides updates on dealing with common or "Hot" issues that many service programs face: member management, member development, member motivation, multi-site supervision, partner relations, service vs work, staff development, retention issues, recruitment issues, understaffed programs, and "How State Commissions Can Work Closer With AmeriCorps Programs in their State."

    National Service Resource Center
    Part of a network of over 20 organizations providing training and technical assistance to AmeriCorps. Its mission is to act as a central point for sharing training and technical assistance information and resources with AmeriCorps Programs, State Commissions on National Service, other AmeriCorps training and technical assistance providers, and The Corporation for National Service.

    National Volunteer Managers Forum (United Kingdom)
    Offers a range of services to support those who work with volunteers.

    A project of The Tides Center, this site has information on a variety of resources for "Virtual Activists," and organizations who want to use such activists-via-the-Internet in grassroots campaigns.

    The New Volunteer
    A basic introduction to all aspects of volunteer management, discussing in brief a variety of topics, from who volunteers to ensuring good staff-volunteer relations. By Lester Schick, County Extension Director in Jackson County, Michigan.

    Nonprofit FAQs - Volunteerism
    Frequently Asked Questions and their answers, compiled from posts by nonprofit professionals to NONPROFIT (list) and (USENET group), as well as from information posted to other nonprofit-related Internet discussion groups. Comprehensive, with information or links to information on volunteering from both a volunteer's and an agency's point of view. Includes information on setting up an all-volunteer program, program development strategy, training and screening volunteers.

    Non-Profit Nuts & Bolts
    Excerpts from Non-Profit Nuts & Bolts, a subscription based newsletter with practical tips for not-for-profit organizations, including information for volunteer managers.

    Nonprofit Resources Catalogue
    Volunteerism and Activism Meta-Links
    An index of links that provide volunteer information, as well as linking to many other valuable indices relating to nonprofit issues. By Phillip A. Walker

    Nonprofit Risk Management Center
    Includes selections from the Center's newsletters and other publications, as well as information about its services and how to order publications in their entirety.

    Nonprofit Software Index
    An index of commercial volunteer management software packages, with descriptions (supplied by the vendors) of software and contact information. By William A. Kleintop of Seton Hall's Center for Public Service.

    Online Bibliography Of Books On Volunteerism
    An index of basic books about being a leader of volunteers either in an agency or in an all-volunteer group. All are available through mail order. This list is compiled by The Internet Nonprofit Center.

    Partnership for Service Learning
    Originated, designed and implemented international/intercultural service-learning since 1982. Partnership programs unite academic study and community service, so that the service makes the study immediate and relevant, and the study relates to and supports the service.

    Philanthropy Journal's Volunteer News
    Index of links to various volunteerism-related articles published in the Philanthropy News Network.

    Project America
    Volunteer Management 101, with information about forming committees, conflict management, and basic do's and don'ts; and an Action Guide to Community Service, a simple handbook that covers the basics of how to conduct a community service project. First three sections deal with building a team, developing a service project and ideas for service projects. Final sections cover such nuts and bolts topics as managing volunteers; forming committees; budgeting and fundraising; publicizing a project; and legal issues. At the end of the book are general volunteer and safety guidelines.

    Recognizing Volunteers / National Volunteer Week
    An online resource kit with ideas for media awareness campaigns, volunteer recgonition events, corporate partnerships, and other activities for National Volunteer Week and beyond. By Volunteer Canada.

    Scottish Association of Volunteers Managers (SAVM)/
    Information for both volunteers and volunteer managers.

    Screening Volunteers (United Kingdom information)
    Helpful information for organizations in the UK, by VOIS, the Voluntary Organisations Internet Server. VOIS has additional resources at

    Offers a comprehensive index of online volunteer management resources, a list of national conferences relating to volunteer management and volunteerism, an index of courses in volunteer management at institutions of higher education, among many other ever-growing resources. Part of the Volunteerism and Community Engagement Initiatives of the Charles. A. Dana Center, University of Texas at Austin.

    Service Club FAQs
    Frequently Asked Questions and their answers for the newsgroup. The most "canonically most up-to-date version of this document" can be retrieved by anonymous FTP from:

    Seven Steps To Achieve Effective Volunteer Support
    From Canadian Fundraiser, reprinted online by CharityVillage.

    Software Index for Volunteer Managers and other nonprofit and public sector professionals
    Links to various indices of specialized software for tracking volunteers and a variety of clients, including software for people working in clinical/therapeutic, education/training, and welfare/child protection settings.

    A Texas-based project to serve the leaders and managers of volunteer and community service initiatives, and looked at as a model Web site by other state-wide initiatives across the U.S. A project in collaboration with Texas Commission of Volunteerism and Community Services.

    US Federal Government
    NonProfit Gateway Network
    Search more than 3,000 federal Web pages on a range of subjects, including volunteer management and volunteer research, with a particular focus on the involvement of volunteers in schools and federally-funded organizations. Examples: Negotiating the Legal Maze to Volunteer Service (by the Department of Education. Sections include: "Employee" or "Volunteer?", Wage and Hour Laws, Labor Unions, NonCitizens and Liability Issues); Managing Volunteers Within the Law (stresses that volunteers' rights are real, and that not respecting them is both bad management and could lead to grounds for a lawsuit. Part of the AmericaReads materials on the Department of Education Web site. Chapters include: anti-discrimination, workers' compensation , child labor laws, Taxation and liability issues

    Virtual Volunteering Project
    Detailed, comprehensive information to encourage and assist in the development of virtual volunteering opportunities and the management of online volunteers (including online mentors and e-mail activists). Originally begun by Impact Online, it is now a project of the Center for Volunteerism and Community Engagement, part of the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

    An extensive site of volunteer management resources, including software suggestions, for service leaders in England.

    Volunteer Consulting Group (VCG)
    Founded in 1969 by the Harvard Business School Club of New York, this nonprofit works to strengthen the governing and management capability of nonprofit boards of directors. VCG assists nonprofit boards in defining recruiting objectives, and then conducts a targeted search for business, professional and community leaders with the desired expertise, diversity of perspective and resources; and helps people who wish to serve as board members to explore their interests, review nonprofit board opportunities and be introduced to chosen boards. VCG also provides guidance to boards with organizational and operational issues.

    Volunteer Management Certificate Program Online
    An online noncredit program available from Washington State University. Take up to six months per Unit or up to two years for the full Certificate. Units may be taken in any order. Access to each Unit is controlled through a password to a WSU Virtual Classroom. See a list and descriptions of classes at:

    Volunteer Today: An Electronic Gazette
    A site by MBA Publishing that provides recruiting and retention tips, ideas to enhance training and education programs, reviews of offline resources, the MBA catalog.

    Volunteer Management Resources
    Hosted by the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA),, and Guardian ad Litem (GAL) programs. Includes information on volunteer retention, supervision, sample volunteer management policies, how to fire a volunteer, and volunteer interviewing techniques, many written by Steve McCurley and Rick Lynch. An Envoy Plug In is necessary to view this information; the Web page has a link to more information about this download.

    Volunteers in Parks: Volunteer Management
    Keys to a successful volunteer management program for National Park Service Volunteer Managers.

    Web Sites Related to Philanthropy and Voluntarism (An Index)
    This comprehensive list is compiled by David James of the Center for the Study of Philanthropy and Voluntarism at Duke University's Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy Duke University. Sites are divided into sections:

    • Non-Profit News Sources
    • Key Third-Sector Associations and ThinkTanks
    • Academic Institutions (with studies of the not-for-profit/volunteer sector)
    • Links to Indices of Non-profits
    • Links to Foundations and Indices of Foundations On-Line
    • Federal and State Government resources
    • Sites Relating to Volunteering and Volunteerism
    • Tax Exempt Organizations Information
    • International Philanthropy/Volunteerism Links
    • For-profit Companies Supporting Not-For-Profits
    • Non-profits supporting non-profits
    • List of meta-indices


If you would like to add an online volunteer management resource to this list, please email us. Include your name, email address, Web address (if applicable), the name of the organization you represent or with whom you are affiliated, and why you think this web site should be included in this page. We will take your suggestion into consideration (sites that are fully accessible to people with disabilities are given special consideration).

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This is an archived version of the Virtual Volunteering Project web site from January 2001.
The materials on the web site were written or compiled by Jayne Cravens.
The Virtual Volunteering Project has been discontinued.
The Virtual Volunteering Project web site IS NO LONGER UPDATED.
Email addresses associated with the Virtual Volunteering Project are no longer valid.
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