Jayne Cravens & Stefan Dietz

October 13, 2007
Heppingen, Germany



We still can't believe what an incredible party it turned out to be. We are so blessed to have such amazing friends. What a time! Unforgettable.

If you took photos at the wedding, please share! (send us a CD rather than sending via the Internet if at all possible)

Here's our favorite wedding photos.

Our wedding vows

Wine & beer we served

To recognize this very special event, many of you made a donation to Riders for Health, a nonprofit organization using motorcycles and the training of local motorbike riders to improve delivery systems for healthcare in Africa. Yes, motorcycles save lives in Africa! You can check out a short film narrated by Ewan McGregor giving an insight into the work of Riders for Health.

We highly recommend the site of our ceremony and reception, the Heppingen Buergerhaus.

We also recommend these hotels, based on what our guests told us:  
Stefan and Jayne support equal access to civil marriage for all adult couples

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