Sanchez Elementary School Online Mentoring Program

Application to Participate as an Online Mentor

NOTE: this form is no longer functional;
It is shown here as reference only

We will use your answers to this application to determine your appropriateness for this program, and to contact your references about you.

Please type carefully, and remember that grammar and spelling are quite important, as they are two skills youth participants in this program are studying. Also, you must answer all questions; failure to do so will result in this application being automatically rejected.

All information you submit in this application will be kept confidential; your information will not be sold, traded, or given to any other organization or person outside of Sanchez Elementary School or the Virtual Volunteering Project.

Youth will see only your first name and last name, and your city and state of location. You will not use your own e-mail address, phone number, or postal mailing address to contact youth in this program.

The deadline for receiving completed applications is Friday, August 18. No applications for this pilot program will be accepted after that date.